Canva just implemented it in its new AI writing tool

It was only a matter of time before artificial intelligence (AI) powered text generators began to spread to different business applications. Can you imagine GPT-3.5 integrated into voice assistants, browsers, or mobile or web applications of any kind? What we are seeing with this autoregressive language model may just be the beginning..

Canva, the popular graphic design service, has just released Magic Write, a writing assistant based on GPT-3, the little brother of GPT-3.5. This new tool, currently in beta, is available to any user within Canva Docs, and works very similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Magic Write, the latest from Canva with GPT-3

In a blog post, Canva introduces Magic Write as a tool to boost users’ creativity and save time. As in ChatGPT, users they only have to write what they have in mind and the artificial intelligence takes care of the rest. They can ask for anything from a complex definition to a list of ideas.

To start using Magic Write it is only necessary to have a Canva account configured in English. Once inside the web application, you must enter Docs. Within any document, the user can click on the (+) icon and then on Magic Write.

The next step is to write what you want the AI ​​to do.. For example: “Write 5 tips to develop a digital marketing plan (Write 5 tips to develop a digital marketing plan)”. At the moment, as we say, the tool only works in English.

Artificial intelligence will be in charge of writing the text, although, it should be noted, that the information may not always be accurate. In any case, Magic Write could be an interesting tool for some users, although they will have to pay after using it 25 times, that is, it is not free.

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This latest move by Canva supports the idea that advanced language models will expand beyond copywriting tools and chatbot. If GPT-3 and GPT-3.5 already seem impressive to us, GPT-4, that could come next yearwould remove some of the limitations of previous models, taking text generation to the next level.

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