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Censorship continues on Onimai: I’m Now Your Sister!

Since the anime adaptation of the comedy manga premiered Onimai: I’m Now Your Sister! (Oniichan wa Oshimai!), we reported that the version broadcast internationally by Crunchyroll was censored. This censorship does not come directly from crunchyrollbut it is the one that Japan sent to all streaming platforms around the world.

But how is the censorship? It turns out that any panel showing even one square millimeter of boob skin is immediately subject to censorship. No rays of light or cuts are added to the shots, but instead it simply freezes the frame while the audio continues, then resumes at a point where the scene is no longer problematic.

This censorship from Japan to abroad had not been noticed recently, but it returned to the talk in the most recent episode through a comparison shown in a Reddit post. Check the original scene on the right (taken from TV recordings in Japan, or downloaded from Japanese streaming platforms) and compare it to the internationally broadcast version, do you realize how much content ends up being lost?

It’s a real shame that Japan censors material made by its own animators, but it’s understood that Onimai: I’m Now Your Sister! It could have been “talking about” if erotic scenes involving minors had been broadcast uncensored in the West, a region that still has a hard time accepting Japanese standards. However, will it be a situation that will be repeated from now on with any other series that the Japanese consider “problematic for foreigners”?

If so, it would be a return to a time before streaming platforms, since if fans abroad lose access to original content without modifications, then they go back to betting on “unofficial” content that takes the material. recorded from Japanese television or downloaded from streaming platforms. That is to say, the Japanese themselves would be motivating the consumption of piracy with this type of decision.

Synopsis for Onimai: I’m Now Your Sister!

Self-proclaimed “home security guard” Mahiro Oyama hasn’t left the house for years, retreating to his room to play erotic visual novels. This depraved lifestyle makes his prodigious sister, Mihari, concerned for his well-being. Hoping to fix this problem, she devises a plan to rehabilitate him and return him to normal.

The first part of Mihari’s plan involves inventing a medicine that will transform her brother’s biological makeup into a real woman, much to Mahiro’s dismay. Caught in this predicament, Mahiro has no choice but to live her life as a cute girl until it wears off, if she does.

Fountain: Reddit

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