Chainsaw Man announces that he will have his own official Escape Room with very curious extras

Chainsaw Man“has been one of the most important IPs in the manga and anime industry for some time now, and hence there are enormous expectations around the film that will adapt Reze’s arc. But that is not the only one plan that exists to continue expanding Fujimoto-sensei’s IP, and in the last few hours it has been confirmed that this will come to real life through an official Escape Room.

Everything we know about the Chainsaw Man Escape Room

Has been MangaMogura who has collected the information related to the announcement of the “Chainsaw Man” Escape Room, and to begin I leave you with what it is about the promotional image of the project:

chainsaw man escape room
This is the promotional poster for the Chainsaw Man Escape Room

And now, write down everything that is known about this curious initiative:

  • To start, it has been confirmed that the official Chainsaw Man Escape Room It will open its doors on April 4, 2024. 😎
  • The Escape Room in question will take place in Tokyo, although at the moment an exact location for this has not been confirmed. 🤔
  • Likewise, the description of the Escape Room is as follows: “The Labyrinth Demon has turned a shopping center into a maze full of puzzles. He tries to escape by taking on the role of a demon hunter!“. 🤣
  • It has also been confirmed that the Chainsaw Man Escape Room will include very striking extras, such as a series of exclusive lines of dialogue recorded by the actors themselves that give life to the characters of the Chainsaw Man anime. 🤗
  • Obviously, at the moment there are no plans to make this Escape Room take place in the West. And honestly, it seems very unlikely that this is something that will change. 😅

Everything definitely seems to indicate that This 2024 is going to be one full of “Chainsaw Man” projects. Between the manga moving forward, the announcement of Reze’s film and things like this Escape Room, it seems that there is no intention of making the name of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s work stop sounding in any way. With this in mind, I am convinced that the coming months will continue to leave us more than one surprise.

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