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Chainsaw Man – Makima inspires adorable Nendoroid figure

Chainsaw Man Makima Figura Nendoroid


In the respective official media of the company Good Smile Company An adorable Nendoroid figure inspired by the popular demon slayer has been unveiled.Makima«, character belonging to the anime series «Chainsaw Man«. Additionally, Good Smile Company reported that the Nendoroid figure based on Makima It is scheduled to be released in Japan at some point in June 2023.

Chainsaw Man Makima Nendoroid FigureChainsaw Man Makima Nendoroid Figure 1Chainsaw Man Makima Nendoroid Figure 2

The Good Smile Company website describes the Makima nendoroid figure as follows:

“I don’t need a dog to say ‘no’.”

From the hit TV anime “Chainsaw Man” comes a Nendoroid based on the demon slayer Makima! The figure includes three face plates including a standard face, a smiley face, and a face with a triangular mouth.

The Nendoroid comes with a lollipop and her trench coat as optional parts, allowing you to create all sorts of scenes from the series in Nendoroid form! Be sure to add her to your collection along with the other Chainsaw Man Nendoroids!

Chainsaw Man Makima Nendoroid Figure 3Chainsaw Man Makima Figure Nendoroid 4Chainsaw Man Makima Nendoroid Figure 5

Along with the presentation of the first screenshots of the Nendoroid figure inspired by Makimasome specific details about the product have also been presented, highlighting that it will have an approximate height of 100 mm in height and will be available for public purchase at a price of 6,200 yen (approximately $44.72 US dollars). ).

It should be noted that the pre-sale period of the nendoroid figure of Makima It will begin on November 29 and will last until January 12, 2023. If you want to start the pre-sale of this product, we recommend you visit the official website of Good Smile Company.

Chainsaw Man - Makima Inspires Adorable Nendoroid Figure

Synopsis for Chainsaw Man:

Denji has a simple dream: to live a happy and peaceful life, spending time with the girl he likes. However, this is far from the truth, as the yakuza force Denji to kill demons to pay off his crushing debts to his late father. Using his pet demon Pochita as a weapon, he is ready to do anything for a little money.

Unfortunately, he is killed by a demon in contract with the yakuza. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Pochita merges with Denji’s corpse and grants him the powers of a chainsaw.

Now capable of transforming parts of his body into chainsaws, a revived Denji uses his new abilities to quickly and brutally dispatch his enemies. Catching the attention of the official demon hunters who arrive on the scene, he is offered a job at the Public Security Bureau as one of them. Now with the means to take on even the toughest foes, Denji will stop at nothing to achieve his simple teenage dreams.



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