Chapter 103 of the manga leaked in full with images

Chapter 103 of the manga “Dragon Ball Super” will be made available this March 20, 2024 (in Manga Plus), and it will be for all purposes the last chapter of the franchise with Toriyama-sensei himself directly involved in the story. The death of the creator of the franchise leaves many things up in the air and as such it is known that starting in April we will NOT have a new manga chapter in… no one knows how much. On the other hand, The chapter is now available through the usual leaks.

Chapter 103 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, in images

This month Twitter has largely escaped leaks of “Dragon Ball Super” out of respect for Akira Toriyama, since the social network is an extremely powerful tool for moving content of this type that has been chosen to ignore.

However, in contrast Leaks have been released on a website ‘specialized’ in this type of contentand although the chapter as such is already complete, I prefer to leave you just a few previews in the absence of the official launch:

Summary of what happens in chapter 103 of the Dragon Ball Super manga

  • Basically chapter 103 It starts by resuming the fight between Goku and Gohan just as it ended in chapter 102, and also with what the initial drafts of the manga showed us.
  • From Goku and Gohan’s fight it can be extracted that Goku has clearly elevated his mastery of Ultra Instinctbut in the same way Gohan shows that the power of the ‘Beast’ form works very differently: He is capable of pushing himself to the limit to the point of losing control over his faculties and wildly enhancing his speed and physical strength.
  • Upon seeing this performance, Goku realizes that Broly is very attracted to Gohan. Both being very similar in terms of the use of their power, a battle is decided between the two in which, finally, Broly is able to transform into Super Saiyan. And as wild as he is, that alone catapults him to practically the same level as Beast.
  • Thus it can also be seen that Beerus is actively searching for a clear candidate to be the next God of Destruction.but it is not at all clear that Gohan’s character is suitable for it.
  • In the end, Beerus’s planet becomes a Battle Royal for fun with everyone involved, which ends up leading to a feast and a return to Planet Earth by all the ‘earthlings’.
  • On Earth, they meet Piccolo again, go to look for Pan at the nursery and there is an emotional farewell scene, with a message to Toriyama-sensei included and the official announcement of the manga’s hiatus.

The truth is that at this point It is not at all clear how long the “Dragon Ball Super” manga will remain stopped, but judging by how the notification is entered it is quite likely that this will last more than a month. In the end, as much as “Dragon Ball” is ‘for everyone’, it will be Toriyama-sensei’s family and everyone directly related to his work who must meet to decide what to do with the work. Imagining that “Dragon Ball” could somehow end or cease to exist seems unconvincing at this point, but After 40 years of lots of fun, we will have to accept whatever is decided.

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