Chapter 104 of the manga already has a publication date; There is no indefinite break!

Dragon Ball Super” posted today its 103rd chapter of the manga, the last one that Akira Toriyama was able to work on while alive and also the one that marked the end of the Super Hero arc. A few days ago it was confirmed that this chapter would also imply a break in publication of the manga, and everything indicated that we were going to be a few months (at least) without material. Well, in the end It turns out that the “Dragon Ball Super” manga will return much sooner than anticipated.

Chapter 104 of the Dragon Ball Super manga will not be long in coming

It has been thanks to Manga Plus itself that we already have the date and time of publication of chapter 104 of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga, which will begin a new story arc:

  • The news of the moment is that The Dragon Ball Super manga will publish its chapter 104 on May 20, 2024, specifically at 5:00 p.m.. 😍
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The next Dragon Ball Super arc will be the first with Toyotaro without the presence of Toriyama-sensei
  • Logically, it was expected that this April break would be due to the death of Akira Toriyama, something that initially seems to be corroborated with this news. After all, The last break due to a ‘change’ of the arc occurred with the jump from Granolah to Super Hero, and at that time we went up to 4 months without new content. With only 1 month left, it would be assumed that even with the planned arc change, this break is more dedicated to giving Toyotaro and the rest of the professionals who worked directly with Toriyama-sensei time to properly digest the news of his death. 🤔
  • Returning to the Dragon Ball Super manga centrally, obviously all eyes are on how Toyotaro will manage the plot henceforth. The first thing of all will be to see if it’s finally Black Frieza’s turn or if the story will move in one or another different direction, but most likely this will be something that will remain a complete secret until well into the month of May. 😶

That ultimately the hiatus of “Dragon Ball Super” is going to be simply a single month surely means that Toyotaro and Toriyama had things quite talked about for the next months. One can imagine that the story of “Dragon Ball Super” was not something that was created month by month, but rather that it most likely had a roadmap at the content level that who knows how long it would cover. In any case, although future developments of the work continue to have Toriyama-sensei’s brushstrokes, The challenge that Toyotaro has before him as the heir of “Dragon Ball” is certainly not a minor event.

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