Chapter 1107 of the manga is already leaked in full and with images

Eiichiro Oda left us all stunned with the last chapter of One Piece, which brought back two characters that were introduced many years ago. After what happened in Little Garden and witnessing the lightning battle between Shanks and Kid, the duo formed by Dorry and Brogy returned to action.

The Giant Warrior Pirates have arrived at Egghead with the aim of escorting Luffy and company to Elbaf, and to do so they have begun to destroy all the Navy’s warships. However, the problems on the island of the future are still far from over. What will happen in the chapter 1107 from the manga? We already have answers, well It has already been leaked in full and with images on the Internet.

Full spoilers for One Piece chapter 1107

  • Chapter 1107 begins with the arrival of the Giant Warrior Pirates to Egghead: Dorry and Brogy They give the order to wipe out the Navy I hear, kashi (the former guardians at Ennies Lobby) and his other subordinates
  • Usopp and Nami get excited seeing that their giant friends have come to help them; And how did Dorry and Brogy find out what was happening? Well apparently because the newspapers reported a large movement of Navy ships towards Egghead
  • Meanwhile, Jinbe travel the island in search of Zorothat continues fighting Rob Lucci in a fairly even fight (both show signs of fatigue)
  • Parallel, Luffy asks Bonney why she is crying.and when she tells him that it is because she has finally found Nika, the protagonist does not understand what she means
  • Behind this Bonney asks Luffy to hit Saturn to teach her how to launch a “big rubber attack” (since she wasn’t able to); Straw Hat accepts and, despite the Gorosei’s old man using his powers to try to take him down, He punches him several times with his new “Gomu Gomu no Booming Dawn Gatling”
  • Franky, Atlas and Kuma take the opportunity to escape, but suddenly Kizaru launches one of his lasers at Bonney and Vegapunk (which cannot move); so Sanji appears and, to everyone’s surprise, blocks the attack with one of his kicks
  • It is sensed that Luffy (Gear 5) and Sanji will fight Saturn and Kizaru
  • And be careful because We come to the bombshell of this chapter: Catarina Devon and Van AugurBlackbeard’s subordinates, appear next to Saturn
  • Catarina touches one of the old man’s legs and exclaims that with that she has accomplished her mission, which suggests that Now from now on I could copy his appearance thanks to the powers of its fruit
  • But the most interesting thing of all is that in the middle of their conversation, Saturn confirms that Marchall D. Teach (Blackbeard) has a special lineageI mean he comes from a VERY important family within the lore of One Piece
  • The chapter ends with Catarina and Van Augur teleporting to the outskirts of Egghead, where they are intercepted by a Caribou who begs them to accept him as a member of the Blackbeard Pirates.

When is chapter 1107 officially released?

The departure of One Piece 1107 It is scheduled for next Sunday February 18 at 4:00 p.m. Spanish time. Once it is available worldwide, it can be enjoyed for free, in Spanish and legally from the website/app. Manga Plus.

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