Chapter 1109 of the manga is already leaked in full on the Internet

This week something quite curious happened with the ‘leaks’ of the One Piece manga. Although the first spoilers were published a couple of days ago as usually happens, chapter 1109 was not definitively leaked until this morning. Does this mean that police action is stopping piracy?

Well, it seems to be the case, since in recent weeks they closed almost all the pages that were dedicated to uploading new episodes of such famous mangas as One Piece, My Hero Academia or Jujutsu Kaisen ahead of time. However, even if they arrive late, the leaks continue to happen. Chapter 1109 of Eiichiro Oda’s work is already leaked in full (and with images) on the Internet. What happened in Egghead?

Full spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1109

  • Chapter 1109 brings back the short “cover stories” (which are canon) with an image that shows us Onigashima sinking to the depths of Wano🌊
  • The broadcast of Doctor Vegapunk begins with a casual conversation between Stella and Shaka, in which they discuss how they could ensure that their “special program” does not fall victim to censorship or disconnection
  • Finally they consider that the best solution is to take advantage of the Navy lines to reach the whole world and wait a total of 10 minutes so that the civilians have time to prepare their Den Den Mushi video
  • Hearing this, the Gorosei panics and they look for a way to stop Vegapunk’s broadcast, and it seems that the only way to achieve this would be by destroying the source of the signal (which is surely in Egghead’s Labo-Stratum)
  • Curiously, it is revealed that Saturn is able to communicate with the other four elders through a type of telepathy.🧠
  • After this Oda-sensei offers us several panels in which we see people’s reactions to the Vegapunk video in different parts of the world:
    • Rebecca, Kyros and Leo in Dressrosa
    • The mayor of Foosha Village (Luffy’s home)
    • Iceberg and his assistant Alice in Water Seven
    • Morgans, Vivi and Wapol at the headquarters of the World Economy Journal
    • Different inhabitants of North Blue, South Blue and West Blue
    • Ivankov, Sabo, Koala, Karasu, Dragon and the rest of the Revolutionaries in the Kamabakka Kingdom
  • Meanwhile, Saturn and Kizaru attack Luffy at the same time, but he dodges them with great ease and ends up counterattacking with a new movement called “Gomu Gomu no Booming Dawn Cymbal”🥁
  • This blow causes both enemies to end up crushed, and Luffy takes advantage of it to turn them (as if they were pizzas) and send them flying to the sea (he knows that he is not capable of harming the old man); Kizaru crashes into a Navy ship, but Saturn takes advantage of the rotation to counterattack😯
  • Realizing that time is running out, Saturn says out loud that “He will perform the invocation”👀👀
  • Chapter 1109 ends with a large panel in which we see four black lightning bolts and summoning circles appearing next to it; The entire Gorosei is about to gather at Egghead to destroy them all.❗❗❗❗❗❗

When is chapter 1109 officially released?

The arrival of One Piece 1109 It is scheduled for next Sunday March 3 at 4:00 p.m. Spanish time. Once it is available worldwide, it can be read for FREE, in Spanish and legally from the website/app. Manga Plus.

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