Chapter 143 of Oshi no Ko causes a stir among fans by including one of the most anticipated scenes of the manga

Oshi no Ko was one of the big names of 2023 in the world of anime. Its television adaptation, by Doga Kobo, received excellent reviews from fans of the original work and even made history with its opening song. Behind this many users decided to switch to manga hoping to learn more details about the plot and see if it ever happened THAT scene you were so waiting to see.

What exactly am I referring to? The first thing we might think of is the Hoshino twins meeting their father, the real person responsible for Ai’s death. But not. I am mentioning something much more happy and related to love… And it finally happened in the last chapter of the manga!

Chapter 143 of Oshi no Ko presents us with THAT long-awaited kiss

ruby and aqua
  • Last week a panel of the Oshi no Ko chapter 143 which caused a lot of commotion on social networksso much so that even the artist of the work echoed it😯😯😯
  • After this event, many thought that this leak could not be false, and their suspicions were confirmed this afternoon✅
  • In today’s episode finally the long-awaited kiss between Aqua and Ruby occurredwho despite having been reborn as twin brothers, in the past had maintained a very special relationship❗❗❗❗❗
  • Besides It wasn’t the only kiss of the episodesince it was later seen how both of them kissed again during the filming of the film about Ai 💋
  • The fans were so excited that, two hours after its publication, The chapter already accumulates 500 comments on Manga Plus (a stratospheric figure)🚨
Kiss between Aqua and Ruby

Why is there so much fuss over this kiss? Well, because we are really facing an image depicting incest. That two brothers kiss like that is something that some people don’t feel comfortable with, especially if they are fans of the hypothetical relationship between Aqua and Kana… Do you think those two will kiss one day?

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