Chapter 155 alerts fans with the possible death of a much-loved character

Today’s afternoon has just become very interesting for lovers of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s work. On the one hand we have confirmation that Look Back, the acclaimed ‘one-shot’ of 2021, will have an anime adaptation in film form. And on the other hand there is the exit of the Chainsaw Man chapter 155which is being highly commented on by readers.

Although Part 2 of the manga is generating controversy due to its slow pace and lack of action scenes, thousands and thousands of fans continue to enjoy the development of the plot starring Denji. Without going any further, this afternoon’s episode caused a lot of stir due to the possible death of one of the most beloved characters by the readers.

What happens to Nayuta in Chainsaw Man chapter 155?

denji and nayuta
  • After being deceived by Varm, the civilians attack the little girl with the aim of murdering her, and then Fujimoto offers us a panel showing her and Denji’s home being completely consumed by flames🔥
  • With this visual narrative resource the author would be indicating that Nayuta dies at the hands of this mob, but there is still hope that she has been saved by another character like Kiga 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • Unfortunately The rest of the chapter encourages readers to believe that the girl loses her life.since we see an emotional flashback in which it is explained why she reaches the point of risking her life to save her little brother😭😭
  • And if that were not enough, episode 155 ends with some vignettes in which Denji dreams of his past self, which tells him that He will never be able to have a family because he committed the sin of murdering his own. original🤯

Now We have to wait a couple of weeks to find out how the story continues in chapter 156. Chainsaw Man fans hope that Fujimoto-sensei does not destroy the character of Nayuta, since he is one of the most beloved in the entire series, however we already know that this author is capable of this and much more.

Do you think that the reincarnation of Makima will die and leave a wound in the protagonist’s heart?

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