Chapter 376 of the manga continues to delay its arrival, and the month of April appears

“Berserk” has us on tenterhooks in 2024, and the work now in charge of Studio Gaga and Kouji Mori has yet to be released so far this year. Since chapter 375 was released, it has been more than 3 months since the story of Guts and company has remained completely frozen. And first of all, it has already been confirmed that the first opportunity we had in March to see chapter 376 of the manga published… well, it won’t be taken advantage of.

The Berserk manga announces a new absence in Young Animal magazine

It was a few hours ago MangaMogura broke the news about the new delay that awaits us in the “Berserk” manga:

  • It has been officially confirmed that the Berserk manga will be ABSENT from the first publication of Young Animal magazine for the month of March 2024. 😥
berserk march 2024 (1)
The Berserk manga continues to beg for its return
  • This publication will be published during the March 8, 2024which implies that Berserk’s next opportunity to release its chapter 376 will already be bordering on the month of April. 😅
  • In this sense, it is to be hoped that if the Berserk manga is actually republished with the arrival of March, this is something that It can only happen around the third week of the month. 🤔
  • Obviously, this sequence of delays in the Berserk manga weighs more today since, without going any further, From chapter 374 to 375 there was only about a month and a half of waiting. However, it is no less true that between chapter 373 to 374 there was a ‘break’ of almost 4 months of publication, so the current situation cannot be considered excessive or unusual knowing how things are. 😐

It is important to remember the detail that a few weeks ago there was a strong snow storm in Japan that forced Studio Gaga employees to remain in their respective homes. It is obvious that, as much as this affected only 3-4 days, it had to have some impact on the production of the manga as such. In any case March is still not ruled out, much less to host the release of chapter 376 of “Berserk”so maybe a little bit of faith is duly rewarded.

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