ChatGPT gives us the ending of Highschool of the Dead that we will never get in the manga

THE end of Highschool of the Dead will never come, but at least we can satisfy our curiosity with the creativity of Artificial Intelligences

Something that it hurt me a lot when I started watching anime it was me getting to the Highschool of the Dead ending and know that there’s no more, that history is not closed nor will it ever be closed. But thanks to ChatGPT I can leave my conscience calm with an ending created by AI that at least fills that gap in my mind occupied by the end of this story that I liked so much as a child.

ANDThe end of the manga leaves us with the protagonists in search of their familywith the hope of that government can save people while threatening to destroy Japan to wipe out all the zombies. Embark on this narrative that tells us a future in which Highschool of the Dead does have an ending.

Highschool of the Dead ending

After face numerous hordes of zombies and deal with dangerous situations, Takashi’s group decides embark on a journey in search of a safe place and, possibly, a solution to the epidemic. Throughout his travels, They discover an ancient underground military installation that has remained hidden since the beginning of the outbreak.

In this military shelter, the group finds advanced technologyabundant supplies and, most importantly, information about the spread of the zombie disease. They discover that there is a group of scientists who have been secretly working to find a cure and a way to control the zombies.

However, not everything is so easy. To get to the laboratory where the research is being carried out, The group must face challenges within the military shelter itself. This includes traps left by the military to protect sensitive information, as well as the presence of undead soldiers that still haunt the hallways.

Highschool of the Dead

As they progress, they also discover that There are factions in the military shelter that have their own selfish plans. and who see newcomers as a threat. This leads to internal conflicts and fights against other groups of survivors. This group of corrupt military andHe was determined to use a bomb to clear a vast area infected by zombies.without worrying about the possible consequences for innocent survivors.

With the help of the information obtained in the laboratory, the group of Takashi discovers the details of this plan and faces the difficult decision of stop the bomb threat. They know that although the detonation could significantly reduce the zombie population in the region, it would also cause collateral damage and endanger any innocent survivors who have managed to resist.

In a tense confrontation, Takashi’s group opposes the corrupt military, trying to defuse the bomb and prevent tragedy. This leads to intense fighting inside the shelter as the military tries to maintain their control and the group searches for a way to stop the impending catastrophe.

Finally, with cunning and bravery, the group manages defuse the bomb in time, avoiding the massive destruction planned by the corrupt military. This action also leads to capture and detention of corrupt leaderswho are handed over to justice within the fortified community.

Eventually, Takashi’s group manages to overcome these obstacles, enter the laboratory and gain access to crucial information. Although there is no definitive cure, find clues on how to stop the spread of the virus and develop measures to control zombies.

The group of Takashi, after contributing significantly to the reconstruction and stability of society, retires to live quieter lives and focus on building personal relationships. Each member of the group finds a purpose in this new reality, whether it be teaching, healing or protecting.

The series concludes with a scene of the community flourishingshowing children playing, productive farms and the reconstruction of buildings. Although the world has changed irreversibly, humanity has demonstrated its ability to overcome adversity and build a better future.

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