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Complaints arrive towards the new visual of Shingeki no Kyojin

This article includes spoilers for the ending of the Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) manga. Reader discretion is advised.

This morning, the editorial department of the magazine Bessatsu Shonen Magazine surprised by revealing the complete illustration that the author hajime isayama made for the cover of the most recent issue. Isayama made this franchise illustration of him, shingeki no kyojin (Attack on Titan), taking into account that this year the anime adaptation will end and that it was in this magazine where the original work on paper was published.

shingeki no kyojin

However, it seems that the illustration has drawn attention in the comment forums in Japan due to the fact that what the author was thinking behind this unpublished visual is not explained. Before going on to review what fans are worried about, it turns out that Isayama himself shared a comment about the development of this visual:

  • A lot of time has passed. I feel very honored to be on the cover even though it’s been almost two years since the series ended. I was worried about not being able to draw a picture of something finished, but with the feeling of being in those last moments of the series. Ultimately I settled on this composition as I felt it was the only way I could draw this visual. This year will be the conclusion of the television anime and I think it will finally be the end. Enjoy it.

As we can read, it turns out that the author had the instruction to make an illustration as if he were in the final stretch of the serialization of Shingeki no KyojinHowever, that time was almost two years ago, so he had complications deciding how to show the scene. In the end, he went with a visual that shows most of the main characters being as happy as they can be, as if nothing had happened.

So why are fans having doubts? Well it turns out that They don’t explain what “Eren Yeager holding Eren Yeager’s head” is doing. Let’s remember that in the final stretch of the manga, after entering the mouth of Eren’s Titan thanks to Levi’s help, Mikasa decapitated Eren’s human body and said goodbye to him for the first and last time.

It is strange then that Isayama decided on this composition, and It seems that many were not satisfied with the fact that other important characters have been forgottenas demonstrated in the comment forums:

  • «Isayama has made it clear that all of Shingeki no Kyojin is a movie».
  • «What a good look. Isayama portrayed the anime actors in a spectacular way and included the work of the artistic team with the sculpture of Eren’s head held by the actor who brings him to life.».
  • «It looks like fan-art from some random artist».
  • «But where is my dear Floch?».
  • «And where the hell is History?».
  • «An illustration according to its end, everything already sucks an egg, just think about the dollars».
  • «This is what it would look like behind the scenes, Grande Hajime Isayama».
  • «I hope the end is all gathered like this, saying that it was all a play».
  • «Why are there two Eren?».
  • «Eren smiling and holding his own cool sliced ​​head».
  • «Who are all these people? I think only the author recognizes them».
  • «How the hell does Isayama even think of showing something like that? It’s a huge spoiler just weeks away from the season finale. I don’t understand how this guy’s head works».
  • «The guy forgot about the existence of History».
  • «Son of a bitch, where is history?».
  • «I imagine Historia looking at WhatsApp and discovering that they all met, but they didn’t invite her».
  • «Very pretty and all, but where are Historia and Ymir?».
  • «It looks like a drawing made by an AI».

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