Confirmed season 2 of the anime and first official teaser trailer

“What a bombshell it has been”Solo Leveling” in its first anime season, and it has become the most watched production of the winter quarter no matter where one looked at the data: Crunchyroll, MAL and AniList all had “Solo Leveling” as the most popular anime of all, and obviously this has catapulted the decision to confirm the second season of the anime. Because indeed, the end of the first season of “Solo Leveling” is confirmation that this is nothing more than the beginning of the journey.

Everything that has been announced about the second season of the Solo Leveling anime

Before going on to tell you everything that has been said about the return of “Solo Leveling”, I’ll leave you first with the one about the first official trailer for the second season:

And now, write down the following information about the return of “Solo Leveling”:

  • Season 2 of the Solo Leveling anime is not the only thing that has been confirmed on this occasion, and there is also what will be the subtitle of this continuation of the story: ‘Arise from the Shadow’. Without a doubt, it looks like it will be related to continuing to explore Sung Jinwoo and his capabilities in combat.. 🥰
only leveling
Only Leveling is going to rest a little, but will return this year with more meat
  • We must also remember that a leak from months ago already announced that Solo Leveling was going to have 2 different parts/seasons in its debut season. What at the moment has not been officially confirmed is when this next part will be releasedbut I wouldn’t rule out it seeing the light this year. 😉
  • Another aspect to mention is that today the long-term plans for the Solo Leveling anime have been confirmed: have a total of 6 parts/seasons. It is important to keep in mind that this is for now only what we have on paper, so ultimately there are things that could change since they are plans for years to come. However, what is clear is that the long-term commitment to the Solo Leveling anime is complete and total. 🤗
  • As for the extension of Solo Leveling season 2, obviously nothing is confirmed at the moment. However, Assume that we will return to those 12-13 episodes again as in the first part of the anime. 🤔

And this is for now everything that is known about the second season of the “Solo Leveling” anime. The truth is There was no doubt that this anime was going to become one of the most outstanding productions of all of 2024, and obviously so far it has not disappointed. There is still a long way to go and even more so if the 6 parts/seasons for the anime end up being fulfilled, but at first the debut of “Solo Leveling” as an anime has been exceptional.

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