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Although we are fully immersed in the winter anime season, we also take a look at the horizon from time to time to see what spring has in store for us. Definitely, one of the titles that is attracting the most attention from the next station is “The Fable”which has even already presented to us its first trailer.

Today, I am going to talk to you about a very important aspect of “The Fable“: neither more nor less than its duration. And now The number of chapters it will have has been revealed (more or less)just like has collected AIR. I tell you everything in more detail below.

The Fable poster

Number of episodes of The Fable season 1

This is all the information about it:

  • The new information they have given us is that “The Fable” will air its season 1 on two consecutive parts. ✅
  • This does not reveal the exact number of chapters, although it does make it clear that they will be about 25 episodes. ❤️
  • “The Fable” will be released in Apriland, thanks to new information, we know that it will be broadcast until the end of September (covering the spring and summer seasons). 🗓
  • Another interesting fact is that this story has 200 manga chapters collected in 20 volumes, so it is expected to have more seasons. 📖
  • Perhaps the scariest thing for those who are looking forward to the series is that the studio behind it is Tezuka Productions. This same team has worked in recent years on two animes that are also seinen (“My Home Hero” and “Under Ninja“)… and neither of them have turned out well. ❓

And here comes the information about the number of episodes that “The Fable” will have in its first season. What do you think of the news? Are you happy that it has such a long duration? I invite you to give your opinion about it in the comments.

Before finishing, I remind you that another of the big names of next spring will be “My Hero Academia“. This anime has already revealed the season 7 premiere dateand there are several days that fans will want to mark on their calendars.

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