Confirmed when season 2 of the anime premieres

Rum Kamonohashi” is one of the most successful detective anime of recent years. Although in terms of production it cannot be said that the first season of the anime is about anything out of the ordinary, the basis of the product itself is so good that For me it makes it a pretty remarkable anime to tell the truth. Well, for months now We know that the “Ron Kamonohashi” anime will have season 2but it has now been as a result of AnimeJapan 2024 that They have confirmed when it will be released.

Ron Kamonohashi’s anime returns to broadcast this same 2024

To begin, I leave you with the new promotional image that they have shared about season 2 of the “Ron Kamonohashi” anime (via WSJ_Manga):

kamonohashi rum
Ron Kamonohashi’s anime warms up for its return

And now I’ll tell you the little things you should keep in mind about the return of the anime:

  • Basically, as shown in the promotional image for the second season of the anime, Ron Kamonohashi will return to action during October of this same 2024. 😉
  • Season 1 of the Ron Kamonohashi anime adapted only up to chapter 21 of the manga, and I say only because as of today there are more than 120 chapters published (and no, it has not been reported that the story will end soon). 😮
  • In Spain it is Panini Manga the publisher in charge of publishing Ron Kamonohashi’s manga. On the other hand, it is also possible read the manga weekly through Manga Plus, so really the accessibility of this work is everything that could be desired. 😁
  • The first season of Ron Kamonohashi’s anime ended up having a total of 13 episodes, and it seems quite likely that the second season will end up betting on a similar figure. Of course, if desired, it is clear that there is enough material to be able to bet on a season of +20 episodes if that were the case. 🤔

And that’s all for now about the return of the “Ron Kamonohashi” anime. To all this, if you have not yet given it a chance, I remember that the first season can be found in full in the Crunchyroll catalog. If you’ve always liked something like “Detective Conan“, then you should give “Ron Kamonohashi” a chance, because The approach of each of the investigations will surely generate nostalgia like few others..

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