Confirmed when season 3 of the anime will premiere with a new trailer

The anime of “KonoSuba” returns this year, and if you previously watched the first 2 seasons of the anime you will know that this can only mean one thing: one of the animes with the best absurd humor on the scene returns. Because if what you’re looking for is a serious plot, or a classic fantasy adventure… you better start looking elsewhere. But if what interests you is all the ridiculousness that Kazuma and his companions make, then I 100% recommend that you stay to find out everything about season 3 of the anime.

The KonoSuba anime will air again in just a few months

Before commenting on what is pertinent regarding the return of the “KonoSuba” anime, I will leave you with what it is about. new official trailer for season 3:

And now yes, point all the little things What may interest you about the “KonoSuba” anime:

  • The most important thing about what has been announced today is that Season 3 of the KonoSuba anime starts in April 2024. This means that in the absence of knowing the length of this season there are 2 possibilities: that it remains broadcast until July 2024, thus having 12 episodes, or that it extends until October 2024 to present a season of +20 episodes. 🤗
  • Another important detail that has already been talked about on multiple occasions is that the KonoSuba anime passes into the hands of the study Drive in this third season. This study has already encouraged the spin-off focused on Megumin and has also worked on other well-known brands such as To Your Eternity. 😉
  • In the same way, I remember that A film of the KonoSuba anime was previously released that is in fact canon, and that must be seen after the second season. With the film in question, it has been adapted up to volume 5 of the light novel, while the entire story had 17 volumes. Come on, there are years ahead of KonoSuba even with the third season of the anime. 😎

Having said all that, now we just have to wait patiently until this spring. The truth is that 6 years have passed since the most recent season of the “KonoSuba” anime premiered, so there is a lot of desire to see how the franchise returns, especially due to the change of studio. Personally I saw the spin-off of ‘Megumin’ but without finishing it, since I think the charm of “KonoSuba” lies in how chaotic all its protagonists are together. In any case, what has been said: to wait until April 2024.

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