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Criticism arrives at the breasts of an illustration

It seems that criticism by the female collective in Japan towards the illustrations made by manga and anime artists is becoming more common, especially towards the breasts. This time it was her turn to “Shimofuri Takenoko (しもふりたけのこ)“, an artist (it is not clear if he is a man or a woman), who recently shared an illustration that attracted criticism from that already recognized group on social networks.

The artist drew a pretty girl surrounded by desserts and lying on a bed, however, The critics pointed out that, in reality, the breasts do not stay firm when a woman lies on her back, but are deformed by the effect of gravity.


Let’s review the featured comments:

  • «To be fair… Breasts don’t work like that. They should be flatter due to the position. I don’t mean smaller, just that the top shouldn’t be pointy».
  • «I don’t understand, if she’s lying on her back and her breasts look like this, does that mean they’re silicone?».
  • «The representation of the breasts is totally unrealistic, and the same with the hair. When you lie down, you’re not going to stay combed!».
  • «It would be dangerous for a man to wear crotch-tight pants so that everyone is staring at his dick, don’t you think? Well, it works the same way with the breasts, that image is not realistic.».
  • «I don’t understand the composition of this image. Did no one notice that the frappuccino is in a weird position? As if the author had no sense of reality».
  • «It’s funny how you automatically get labeled a feminist even if you make a logical critique like this.».
  • «As a woman with large breasts, I can assure you that the breasts do not stay firm when you lie on your back.».
  • «Well, as always, we should ignore those who can’t separate fact from fiction.».
  • «It seems weirder to me that all the other things are floating around the girl, like the artist doesn’t have a sense of positioning. Too novice of you».
  • «It’s funny how otakus overreact when a woman makes a criticism, even one that makes complete sense. Like they’re not used to talking to women».
  • «Well, I understand the criticism that some women made to this illustration. The drawn girl is definitely pretty, but everything else is, weird? As if done by an AI».
  • «I’m curious about the anti-gravity boobs. Don’t you think that the torso is very small compared to the breasts?».
  • «Nothing to say, I really don’t understand what the artist’s intention was with this».

Fountain: @rayforcegame on Twitter

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