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Criticize Crunchyroll for uploading the Shingeki no Kyojin special late

On March 3, the first half of the last part of the anime finally arrived. Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season (Attack on Titan), and although the franchise reached the top positions in trends in social networks, it turns out that this was not only because of the popularity of the series, but also because of a question related to the platform crunchyroll.

This one-hour special that makes up the first half of the last part of the play It premiered on March 3 at 09:25 p.m. (Mexico City time). However, crunchyroll I would not release it until 5:00 p.m., that is, around eight hours after airing in Japan. This did not leave fans of the franchise happy at all, who had to resort to “less legal” options to watch the episode and avoid the spoilers that were already proliferating on social networks.

Apparently crunchyroll is advertised as “a platform where fans can watch new episodes right after they air in Japanbut that didn’t happen with shingeki no kyojin. In fact, there weren’t even any reports of the platform having any problems with its servers, probably stemming from the fact that many fans had already watched the special several hours before. It is worth noting that the reaction would have been less negative if Crunchyroll had issued a statement reporting problems. in getting the episode or conflicts with the license agreement, but by not offering any explanation, they were obviously going to be criticized.

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Let’s review some comments that were made to crunchyroll when he announced the arrival of the episode more than eight hours after its premiere:

  • «Crunchyroll is sold saying that the chapters are uploaded an hour after the premiere in Japan, but if they do not comply, they do not want to be criticized».
  • «It did not take them anything to make a statement as part of their commitment to the client, which is to have the chapters ready in an hour».
  • «Hey guys, now you know what it feels like when Crunchyroll lets you down? Or do you just like to spew hate when you’re not the one affected?».
  • «Very good at blocking people on Twitter, but lousy at providing a good service. No promotion of the episode, no hype and they upload it very fucking late».
  • «Imagine paying for a streaming service to see the anime for the first time, and having it uploaded hours later».
  • «Imagine paying a subscription to have the scoop to see the premiere of the anime, and you have already been able to see it six times on pirate pages. Thanks for the bad service.».
  • «I already watched it seven times and it gave me time to cancel my subscription».
  • «Luckily we paid, if not imagine what time we could see it».
  • «If it has already been seen by major streamers, who care the most about the quality of a great series like Shingeki no Kyojin, it means they took too long. The series that occupied the most spaces at the Anime Awards, and they don’t even give it the deserved respect».
  • «“Just one hour from its premiere in Japan,” they say. I literally read all the remaining chapters of the manga while you guys didn’t do what you should».
  • «I already looked at it on Facebook, thanks for nothing».
  • «I already saw it pirate, thanks for taking seven hours. What happened to the “one hour after Japan”? They put it in the ass».

By the way, if you wonder why crunchyroll it took so long to upload the episode, there are many theories about it, but the most accepted indicates that it was due to limitations of the contract with the Japanese television station nhk (supposedly). However, as long as the streaming service doesn’t explain what the hell went on behind the scenes, fans are well within their rights to criticize them.

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