Crunchyroll comes to Samsung Smart TVs; Get ready to watch anime non-stop!

The streaming platform has confirmed that at the end of this week its application will begin to be made available worldwide

Crunchyroll is clearly the largest app in the entire world dedicated exclusively to watching anime. It is thanks to this that users from any region can watch hugely successful shows like “One Piece“, “Jujutsu Kaisen“, “My Hero Academia” and many more. Well, now the platform will reach even more people and with great convenience. How is something like this possible? Well thanks to the launch of the official Crunchyroll application on Samsung Smart TVs.

Crunchyroll prepares to expand its presence on a scale like few others

Next I leave you with all the information that Crunchyroll Spain itself has shared about this important step forward for anime accessibility:

  • Crunchyroll confirms that In the United States it is already possible to access its official application through Samsung Smart TVs, while it will end up landing in other territories at the end of this week. Although there is no official list, it is assumed that Spain is in the range as the national distributor itself has confirmed the news to us. 🤗
crunchyroll winter animes (1)
Crunchyroll never stops adding new animes that only make the value of the app rise
  • This way, you no longer have to use uncomfortable third-party devices or tricks of all kinds to be able to watch Crunchyroll on television. In just a few days The process will be as simple as simply downloading the streaming service application dedicated to Samsung televisions. 😉
  • Why should you give Crunchyroll a try if you haven’t already? The truth is that in terms of streaming platforms it is an extremely economical one, in addition to Not only can you watch all kinds of episodic anime and movies, but there is also musical content and even video games. Come on, it’s a very interesting all-in-one at least to try for a while. 😎

In case there are those who are thinking of trying Crunchyroll now that it will be much more convenient to access the application, I leave you below with the rates and amenities of the past 2023 (which for now remain the same so far in 2024):

And this is everything you need to know about the arrival of Crunchyroll to Samsung Smart TVs. Again, think that if you like anime it really is the best option that currently exists due to the brutal breadth of its catalog and the fact that dozens of new anime are released every quarter. Come on, what You will never lack content and on top of that you will always have it very easy to find new proposals that come directly from Japan.

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