Crunchyroll declares that 2023 was the year of One Piece and that Gear 5 ‘broke its servers’

There is one thing that I have been repeating over and over again for a few months now: this year, One Piece fans have gotten into everything related to the franchise. And it seems that I am not the only one who thinks this, since since Crunchyroll They wanted to make it very clear in one of their latest articles: “2023 was the year of One Piece.”

The streaming platform specialized in Japanese anime is in charge of broadcasting the One Piece anime in most countries in the world, so it is inevitable that some favoritism will be felt. However You have to be very blind to deny that this year has been fantastic for the work created by Eiichiro Oda. And Crunchyroll proves it with facts.

One Piece: the star work of 2023

  • In an article published in his official Web it is explained that 2023 was the year of One Piece for many reasons
  • On the one hand there is the outcome of the Wano arc in the Toei Animation anime, which left us with numerous moments long awaited by fans (King vs Zoro, Sanji vs Queen, the defeat of Big Mom and of course Luffy’s transformation)✅
  • Of course it must be done special mention to Gear 5 which arrived with episode 1071, whose premiere Crunchyroll servers crashed for several hours; from the platform they describe it as “the event that broke CR”❗❗❗
  • On the other hand we had the consolidation of One Piece Film: REDthe last film in the series, which continued to win awards at festivals and break historical figures at the international box office💰💰
successful red film
  • Then there was the Netflix live-action which, despite the general fear, exceeded everyone’s expectations and became the most watched for several weeks in more than 80 countries. I can’t wait for Season 2!🥰🥰
  • Special mention also to One Piece Odyssey video gamean RPG that fans of the original work quite liked, and the advertisements for two new anime projects: the series of MONSTER and the remake The One Piece (made by WIT Studio)⭐⭐⭐
  • And finally we have Egghead’s arc in the manga by Oda-sensei, which caused a sensation among fans through great revelations and battles, while also making us cry our eyes out with a particular flashback😯😯🔥

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