Crunchyroll has NO current plans to raise the price of its subscriptions

Apparently, any big change in the management of the service will only affect those who were Funimation users in the USA

Almost 1 month ago the news came that Funimation was going to cease its activity permanently in the USA, news that in Spain and the majority of Europe should not affect the slightest considering that the service was never available in our territory. However, for those American users who still used Funimation as their main method of consuming anime, it was announced a VERY hefty price increase on the move to Crunchyroll… something that apparently WON’T affect anyone else.

Crunchyroll does not plan a general increase in its cost

Next I leave you with the information that ANN has published after asking Crunchyroll about the potential price increase for their subscriptions:

  • The most important message to keep in mind is that Crunchyroll, as of today, does not plan a general increase in the prices of its subscriptions. 🤗
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For now it will be possible to continue enjoying Crunchyroll anime without price changes
  • As confirmed by the streaming platform, the price increase is SO considerable that was made public a few weeks ago It exclusively affects US users who depended on Funimation. 😮
  • On the other hand, ANN also asked Crunchyroll if even though there were currently no plans to change the platform’s prices, that was a real possibility for the next two years. In this sense, the streaming platform declared that it was absolutely impossible to predict whether or not there would be a price change in your services from such a distance. 🤔
  • Therefore, the conclusion to be drawn is that it does NOT seem that there will be any price change in Crunchyroll subscriptions in 2024. However, it is a door that remains clearly open for the next 2-3 years. 😅

Personally I assume that an increase in the cost of Crunchyroll is inevitable in the future. At the end of the day, you just have to see that absolutely each and every successful subscription model ends up incorporating price increases sooner or later. The only thing Crunchyroll can do to justify an increase is, In the event that it happens, by then they offer all the comforts, efficiency and advantages sufficient for users to assume that it is a better alternative to piracya discussion that is always VERY alive in this sector.

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