Crunchyroll will add 13 Dragon Ball Z movies to its catalog, but not for everyone

Dragon Ball Z“is what I personally consider to be the golden age of the Akira Toriyama franchise, an opinion that may not be complete but with which I think many fans will agree. Something in particular that I loved about that time was the incredible number of movies briefs that we received, with gems like ‘Attack of the Dragon’, ‘The Silver Warriors’ and much more. Well now Crunchyroll has announced that up to 13 of these films will reach its catalog, but with an important asterisk.

All the Dragon Ball Z movies that land on Crunchyroll and when they are released

That being said, I leave you with All the details most important that Crunchyroll has mentioned in its publication:

  • The first and most important detail that Crunchyroll has specified is that These 13 Dragon Ball Z movies are released ONLY FOR USERS IN LATIN AMERICA. This means that anyone outside the region simply won’t be able to access the content. 😣
  • On the other hand, the release of the films coincides with the popular ‘Dubbing Thursdays’ of the platform, which has advanced also that ‘will be released with Latin dubbing on Crunchyroll. 😁
The golden era of Dragon Ball movies will land on Crunchyroll LATAM with dubbing
  • Having clarified all this, it only remains to say that the movies arrive on Crunchyroll tomorrow, Thursday, November 23. Next I leave you with the tapes that have been included in this wave of classic content:
    • Dragon Ball Z: Give me back my Gohan! (1989).
    • Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest Man (1990).
    • Dragon Ball Z: The Decisive Super Battle for Earth (1990).
    • Dragon Ball Z: Goku is a Super Saiyan (1991).
    • Dragon Ball Z: The Mightiest Rivals (1991).
    • Dragon Ball Z: The Mightiest Warriors (1992).
    • Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of the Three Saiyans (1992).
    • Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Invincible Power (1993).
    • Dragon Ball Z: The Galaxy is in Danger (1993).
    • Dragon Ball Z: Return of the Legendary Warrior (1994).
    • Dragon Ball Z: The Final Fight (1994).
    • Dragon Ball Z: The Fusion of Goku and Vegeta (1995).
    • Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Dragon (1995).

Honestly, it is to be envious of Latin American users, because being able to enjoy all the “Dragon Ball Z” movies with such accessibility (with one click) is a tremendous pleasure (and also with the relevant dubbing). Personally, ‘Attack of the Dragon’ as well as the first Broly movie are my favorite feature films of all “Dragon Ball Z”, and I think I would also include Boujack’s here. That said, all that remains is to congratulate those who are favored and those who are not… I remember that Selecta Visión has a physical collection with all the films.

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