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Dangerous Russian street gang would have been inspired by HUNTER x HUNTER

The war in Ukraine has shown that Russia ruled by Vladimir Putin will do everything possible to achieve victory. Recently, the Ukrainian authorities have launched a bizarre accusation against their antagonists, claiming that Russia is sending to their country gangs of teenagers inspired by the anime franchise of HUNTER x HUNTER to start skirmishes in the streets of Ukraine.

Tim Listerof the CNNwrote that these teenage gangs are “known as “PMC Redan”, which combines the name of the Phantom Troupe (Genei Ryodan) from HUNTER x HUNTER with the acronym for Private Military Company, made infamous by the mercenary group Wagner“. According to CNN and other reports on the Internet, members and supporters of PMC Redan often wear black T-shirts featuring a spider with the number four on it, along with checkered pants.

Both CNN and Newsweek state that the inspiration for the Redan group’s name comes from “HUNTER x HUNTER“, a Japanese anime series where a criminal group known as “Genei Ryodan” appears. Newsweek provides a little more information about the PMC Redansaying that this “new youth subculture” is inspired by extreme nationalism, one of its slogans is “Russia for the Russians”.

PMC Redan he has been featured in the Russian press for “organizing mass brawls in shopping malls in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities in the country.” The group attacks those who it deems do not look like Russians. Furthermore, he is known for using Telegram channels to organize his activities, and Russian media outlets claim that the group started in Moscow as a means for teenagers to fight against organized gangs of soccer fans.

However, the Ukrainian authorities were taken aback when members of the PMC Redan appeared on the Ukrainian streets of major cities a few weeks ago. According to CNN and the Russian business daily Vedomosti, groups of Russian teenagers have been seen in the Ukrainian capital kyiv, as well as in Lviv, Odessa and Kharkiv.

In addition, the Dnipro police detained a 16-year-old boy, suspected of being the ringleader of the group. According to the official website of the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskya petition has been created insisting that PMC Redan be banned from the country. The petition states: “The petition will help prevent demonstrations of pro-Russian sentiment throughout Ukraine.”

PMC Redan it is also a problem in Belarus. On February 28, the Belarusian Ministry of Interior issued a press release stating that more than 200 people associated with the group had been detained so far. But what are these Russian teenagers doing in Ukraine? Are they just bored and mischievous teenagers or were they sent to Ukraine by Russia for a purpose?

CNN reported that Ukraine’s national police believe that “the russians are trying to export the negative influence of PMC Redan to ukrainian teens through a disinformation campaign on telegram channels“. According to a statement from the Ukrainian police on February 28, picked up by CNN, the police have “blocked 18 Telegram channels and groups ‘created to carry out Russian military information campaigns, undermine the internal situation in Ukraine and involve minors in illegal activities’“.

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