Date, time and where to read chapter 415 of the manga

My Hero Academia“had a small setback with the publication of its manga chapter 414, which ended up being delayed since apparently Kouhei Horikoshi He was not in his best physical condition. However, once this bump has been overcome, it seems that the author is now feeling a little better, and it has been confirmed with the publication date of chapter 415 that There will be no rest in between this time.

Everything you need to know about chapter 415 of the My Hero Academia manga

Write down the following about the new manga publication from “My Hero Academia” if you are following with tension this final stretch of Horikoshi-sensei’s world of superheroes:

  • First of all, The publication date of chapter 415 of the My Hero Academia manga is February 25, 2024. That is, Sunday of this coming weekend. 😉
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My Hero Academia continues adding chapters in the final stretch of its story
  • Second, the publication time is typical: The new chapter of the manga will be available starting at 4:00 p.m. 😎
  • I remember that to keep up to date with the My Hero Academia manga, it is as simple as reading it through its official profile in Manga Plus. 🤗
  • Also, don’t forget that by agreement, the website can only have the 3 most recent chapters of the My Hero Academia manga available. That is to say, By the time chapter 415 is released this Sunday, chapter 412, titled ‘Craziest Hero in History’, will be the one that will no longer be open to everyone. 🤔
  • For those who are curious, The last chapter of My Hero Academia that was adapted by the anime, was about none other than 328. That is, there are more than 80 manga chapters that are still in the air for the anime. 😮

How and when will “My Hero Academia” end? We are definitely facing the million-dollar questions.. What is clear is that Kouhei Horikoshi’s work has at most a few months of activity left, since seeing the most recent developments it is certainly difficult to imagine how the story could become too long at this point. Furthermore, you have to think that the author’s health has not been what he was for a long time, so the best that can happen is that Deku’s trip ends soon and in the best of conditions.

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