Delicious in Dungeon gives a first preview of its chapter 7, it looks like it’s going to be good

Delicious in Dungeon gives a first preview of its chapter 7, it looks like it’s going to be good

Delicious in Dungeon is the new fantastic anime that allows us to follow a party whose main objective is to rescue one of the magicians on their teamwho was devoured by a red dragon but managed to rescue the rest of the members.

Chapter 6 of Delicious in Dungeon It allowed us to see a Chulchik in action, it also revealed his age and some of his memories. The boy who disarms the traps is 29 years old and managed to escape from a dungeon alone. In the episode we also saw how Laios entered paintings that told a tragic story, but our hero did not manage to eat anything there.

Delicious in Dungeon
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It seems that chapter 7 of Delicious in Dungeon It will present us with more magic tricks because the heroes will have to walk on water, however, the preview of the episode gave us a glimpse that it will be especially complicated for Senshi.

Furthermore, the images revealed They allow us to see a new kraken-style monster –at least we know there will be meat for a long time–. Let’s see how our favorite characters manage to survive the water odyssey.

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Dungeon Meshi: Delicious in Dungeon – Who is Senshi?

Senshi is a dwarf who was formerly a miner. He had his own team, however, he has a very particular passion and talent: cooking monsters.

However, now that Senshi is an adventurous warriorprofesses a very kind philosophy towards the monsters in the dungeon, in addition to joining Laios’s party to prevent them from dying of hunger but also because he longs to devour the red dragon that Laios wants to defeat to recover his sister, who perishes in the stomach of the winged being.

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