Demon contracts in Chainsaw Man have a simple but unbreakable foundation

” Chainsaw Man ” is gradually revealing the most fundamental secrets of his universe, as was the case during episode 5 of the anime , in which he talked about the origin of the power of demons and why some are substantially more powerful than others . others . This time, they have come into a little more contact with the contracts between demons and humans, and the truth is that they have left some very interesting details .

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Demon contracts in Chainsaw Man have a simple but unbreakable foundation

So, this is all that they have revealed to us about the contracts with the demons thanks to what has been explained until episode 6 of the anime:

  • At a certain point in Chainsaw Man episode 6, the demon Denji and company are up against offers their freedom if they give up the protagonist’s life . This, likewise, occurs with the term ‘ contract ‘ involved. ✔️
  • Denji quickly comments on something that might actually be too obvious: that by giving him his life the demon would still kill the rest of the hunters. However, Himeno quickly replies that this is NOT the case since the demon itself has used the term ‘contract’ , and not complying with the corresponding part can have VERY SERIOUS consequences . ✔️
  • In fact, contracts between demons and humans are such a serious concept that the possibility that a demon could offer it lightly is not even considered . ❗
Demon contracts in Chainsaw
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  • What are the clearest examples of demon contracts we have? Well, on the one hand, the fox demon with Aki, and on the other hand, the ghost demon with Himeno herself . ✔️
  • On Aki’s side this allows her to summon the fox demon to annihilate her opponent, and on Himeno’s side the contract allows her to use a ghostly arm with overwhelmingly destructive force. ❗
  • But how do you close a contract between demons and humans? Well, simple: the human must offer something of value that the demon values ​​as adequate . This can range from something physical and necessary, like an eye, to something more intangible, like years of life. The idea is that a balance is reached by which both parties are satisfied. ❗

It is possible that the exception that confirms the rule in this case is the relationship between Pochita and Denji , who without actually having a contract as such, are permanently linked and with Denji becoming something that is as human as it is a demon (at end, for something Makima is fascinated when seeing it for the first time). The conclusion I draw from her is that this exchange of values ​​is an interesting way of measuring power, and invites me to want to see what other similar cases will end up appearing in “Chainsaw Man”.

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