Demon Slayer | All about the Pillars and their stories

In the Kimetsu No Yaiba anime , also known as Demon Slayer, we discover incredible warriors full of will and strength, but none of them compare to the pillars (also called hashira) , the most prodigious swordsmen of the demon slayer forces. . Do you want to discover more about this elite group? Here we tell you everything we know!

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Demon Slayer | All about the Pillars and their stories

Giyu Tomioka

5 --Kimetsu No Yaiba --Hashira --Giyu Tomioka

Title: Water Pillar
Age: 19 years
Birthday: February 8
Height: 1.75 m

He is the first pillar we meet during the series, being the one who gave Tanjiro the go-ahead for his journey in order to protect and save Nezuko from a full demon transformation. He is a reserved young man, but with such a strong sense of justice that he does not tolerate people who sacrifice themselves without knowing their limitations.

Despite his cold and stoic nature, Giyu demonstrates a need to protect those close to him. This he demonstrates in front of Tanjiro and Nezuko by offering his life in seppuku, if the girl were ever to break her oath not to eat human flesh.

He is shown to be more pragmatic than other pillars when it comes to dealing with demons and declaring sentence to kill them, showing that he doesn’t necessarily detest them, as the other hashira can show .


  • Water Breathing: A breathing style that mimics water, specifically in its flow, flexibility, and adaptability, replicating it in its user’s movements.
  • Superior Intellect: As part of his talents, Giyu has tactical ability superior to others.
  • Demon Hunter’s Mark: He is able to summon the Demon Hunter’s Mark, which gives him increased fighting abilities, as well as increased stamina, concentration, etc.

Fun facts

  • His name contains the characters of heroism, loyalty and bravery.
  • Her favorite food is slow-boiled salmon with daikon , winter radish
  • His animal companion is an elderly raven who is often wrong when delivering messages. Also, it seems like it makes Giyu nervous.
  • His Japanese voice actor is Takahiro Sakurai, who also plays Suguru Getou, antagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen and Suzaku Kururugi, protagonist of Code Geass.

Shinobu Kocho

6 --Kimetsu No Yaiba --Hashira --Shinobu Kocho

Title: Pillar of Insects
Age: 18
Birthday: February 24
Height: 1.51 m

Shinobu has a positive and calm attitude that he shows towards people, but he actually holds a grudge and uncontrolled anger towards demons, which is shown especially after suffering the loss of his fellow hunter corps. On the other hand, he also enjoys teasing his more stoic classmates, such as Giyu Tomioka.

The reason behind her anger towards her enemies is because of the murder of her sister, Kanae Kocho. Her family and her successors also perished after a demonic attack on the Butterfly Mansion when she was little. Because of this, her sister Kanae’s dream of Shinobu having a quiet and normal life for her future could never be fulfilled.


  • Insect Breath: This breath was created by Shinobu, and was designed to specifically make up for his lack of physical strength to chop off a demon’s head. The sting technique is used to inject demons with glycine poison.
  • Medical Knowledge: Shinobu may not be the strongest of the hashira , but her medical and pharmaceutical knowledge makes up for her lack of combat skills. He uses the wisteria flowers to poison the demons, creating different ways to incapacitate them using this poison.
  • Speed: He is the fastest human in the series, being able to evade and take high-ranking demons by surprise.
  • Tactical Intellect: He is able to assess his enemy and calculate the poison needed to incapacitate or completely defeat him, including the mixtures and their amounts.

Fun facts

  • Her last name means butterfly in Japanese.
  • Shinobu gets along very well with Mitsuri, as they are the only female pillars in the group. Mitsuri has taught him how to cook western dishes.
  • Her parents worked in the creation of medicine, which is why she is so talented in that field.
  • According to Giyu, he doesn’t like furry things.
  • Her Japanese voice actress is Saori Hayami, who also plays Maria Campbell in My Next Life as a Villainess and Rachel in Tower of God.

Mitsuri Kanroji

7 --Kimetsu No Yaiba --Hashira --Mitsuri Kanroji

Title: Pillar of love
Age: 19 years
Birthday: June 1
Height: 1.67 m

Mitsuri is an emotional and passionate young woman, who usually thinks highly of others and usually pays them compliments in her head. She is somewhat shy and easily embarrassed, but she is kind and sensitive. However, this does not carry over to the demons, for whom he has no compassion.

The young woman wishes to marry, and the reason why she joined the forces of the demon hunters was to find among them a man stronger than her. However, he has been out of luck, as his physical abilities are impossible to beat.

He has a special and close relationship with Obanai Iguro, whom he considers a friend and unconditional support. Her personality allows her to be open with her feelings of caring and appreciation towards her friends, proving to be tactile and easily moved.


  • Breath of love: It was created by Mitsuri, derived from the breath of fire. She wasn’t comfortable with that technique, and needed to modify it to mold it to her abilities. It is the only breath that is based on feeling, and the technique resembles a whip that relies on the user’s flexibility, dexterity, agility, and speed.
  • Demon Hunter’s Mark: Mitsuri is another of the hashira who summoned the Demon Hunter’s Mark during a fight. His physical strength, stamina, accuracy, and power increased dramatically.
  • Unique Build: His physical build is eight times that of an ordinary human, and his muscles are incredibly dense. His strength cannot be seen with the naked eye, but he has unparalleled power and endurance that is capable of keeping his physical integrity intact after receiving direct attacks.

Fun facts

  • To maintain her special constitution, Mitsuri eats what three sumo wrestlers would eat.
  • Because of the way he eats, he spends too much money on food.
  • He likes western food, his favorite dish is pancakes.
  • Her hair is said to be that color because she eats too much sakura mochi .
  • Obanai gave him the high socks that he always wears. The boy realized that he was embarrassed about the uniform he was assigned, so he gave him the socks so he could cover up a bit.
  • His mentor is Kyojuro Rengoku.
  • He has a close friendship with Shinobu.
  • He has a pet rabbit.
  • He loves cats.
  • Her Japanese voice actress is Kana Hanazawa, who also plays the lead in Cells at Work and Akane Tsunemori, the lead in Psycho-Pass .

Obanai Iguro

8 --Kimetsu No Yaiba --Hashira --Obanai Iguro

Title: Pilar de cobra
Age: 21 years
Birthday: September 15
Height: 1.62 m

Obanai is a strict and intolerant young man, especially towards people who break the hunter code. His way of thinking makes him have almost unrealistic expectations for the Hunters, even peppering the Pillars with his absurd moral code. He often sees recruits as weak and useless, unable to improve, treating them poorly and using them as obstacles in his training for entirely petty reasons.

This pillar feels a deep rejection towards the clan that raised him, seeing them as greedy without morals, as many sacrificed themselves to a demon for monetary gain.

In his clan there is a tradition of mutilating children, for which Obanai is forced to wear bandages on his face, as he is ashamed of his appearance and sees it as terrifying and disgusting.

He is a determined young man who is able to put differences behind him if the people he is trying to protect or help show him the will to fight. However, his personality makes him one of the most difficult pillars to understand and empathize with.


  • Cobra Breathing: Created by Obanai, this technique is derived from breathing water, imitating snakes. The sword moves in a snaking motion that can prove fatal, as it takes the recipient of the attack by surprise. This technique was created based on the snake demon that his clan worshiped.
  • Kaburamaru: Due to a disability in his right eye, Obanai developed a special technique using his pet snake, Kaburamaru. The snake can read the attacks of its enemies and give the information to Obanai.
  • Demon Hunter’s Mark: Another of the pillars capable of awakening the Hunter’s Mark, which grants him incredible agility, stamina, and strength.

Fun facts

  • He regards his snake, Kaburamaru, as a friend and not a pet.
  • Obanai is the second weakest hashira in the group, after Shinobu Kocho.
  • He is in love with Mitsuri.
  • The markings on his mouth are identical to the Japanese urban legend of the kuchisake-onna .
  • His voice actor, Kenichi Suzumura, is married to Tamayo’s voice actress, Maaya Sakamoto. Also, he plays Atsushi Murasakibara in Kuroko No Basket .

Tengen Uzui

9 --Kimetsu No Yaiba --Hashira --Tengen Uzui

Title: Pillar of Sound
Age: 23
Birthday: October 31
Height: 1.98 m

Tengen declares himself to be an eccentric, enjoying doing things in flashy and surprising ways. Despite being strong, he has low self-esteem, and constantly compares himself to the other pillars.

Despite having grown up with the shinobi code of conduct , which puts resolution at work as a priority, Tengen passed on to his family and disciples the belief that his life is worth more than anything. He has even asked them to put the lives of innocents above that of Tengen himself, should they find themselves in a difficult situation.


  • Sound Breathing: Derived from Thunder Breathing, it uses a strategy called Score, which has Tengen read his enemy’s movements, deconstruct them, and transform them into sound to analyze the rhythm behind them. His combat style includes creating large amounts of sound to overwhelm his opponents.
  • Sensory Enhancement: Tengen’s sensory abilities are heightened from her work as a shinobi , allowing her to sense demonic presences over wide distances.
  • Hearing Enhancement: He has superhuman hearing abilities, allowing him to hear sounds underground.
  • Echolocation: As a complement to his hearing abilities, Tengen uses echolocation, using his ears to find the reflection and resonance within walls and caverns, allowing him to locate demons and even guess the exact number of enemies and humans inside the tunnels, depending on the sounds their bodies make.

Fun facts

  • He and Inosuke Hashibira are the only Demon Slayers to use two swords instead of one.
  • His previous job was that of a shinobi .
  • He has three wives.
  • His Japanese voice actor, Katsuyuki Konishi, also plays Dreyfus in Nanatsu no Taizai, and Ikki in Knights of the Zodiac.

Kyojuro Rengoku

10 --Kimetsu No Yaiba --Hashira --Kyojuro Rengoku

Title: Pillar of Fire
Age: 20
Birthday: May 10
Height: 1.77 m

We meet Rengoku for the first time during the series, in chapter 21. We notice that he is an enthusiastic person, even a little eccentric. He is a young man of strong convictions, friendly and pure of heart, with a technical skill with a sword that shows years of practice and a code of honor as a warrior practically unbreakable.

His mother was the one who taught him a morality worthy of someone strong, making him understand that the reason why he is so powerful is to protect those who are weaker. He is the most important person in his life, while his father is distant and cold towards him and his brother.

The character immediately forms a bond with Tanjiro, both being very similar in their desire to protect others. Tanjiro tries to discuss with him the fire technique he imitated from his father, but the events of the Infinity Train prevent them from having a long conversation about it. However, Rengoku discovers that Tanjiro is able to use the Full Concentration Breath, and instructs him how to heal wounds with it.


  • Breath of Fire: Breath of Fire is one of the main breaths, imitating flames. Specifically, it mimics the heat they give off, and the user mimics the movement of fire for their attacks. The techniques that apply it involve individual blows and movements so intense that they “burn” their opponents.
  • Superhuman Strength, Speed, Stamina, and Reflexes: Kyojuro has exceptional physical strength, allowing him to wield his katana with speeds faster than human eyes can grasp, as well as having impressive accuracy. Their reflexes and movements are so fast that they could be imperceptible even to a trained hunter. In addition, he is capable of sustaining mortal wounds to continue fighting.
  • Heightened Senses: The hashira is capable of sensing the presence of high-ranking demons even at certain distances, as demonstrated in Akaza’s case, even distinguishing him as a high-ranking demon.

Fun facts

  • His last name means “purgatory”, and one of his attacks bears that name.
  • His favorite food is sweet potatoes, also known as sweet potatoes and yams. His favorite dish is grilled sea bream with salt.
  • His father hated animals, which is why he was never able to have a pet.
  • He likes to watch sumo wrestling.
  • During his first mission, he pierced his own eardrums to counter a demon’s power. It’s not confirmed, but we can assume this permanently damaged his hearing.
  • His Japanese voice actor, Satoshi Hino, plays Daichi Sawamura, the captain of the Karasuno team in the Haikyuu!!

Sanemi Shinazugawa

11 --Kimetsu No Yaiba --Hashira --Sanemi Shinazugawa

Title: Pillar of the Wind
Age: 21
Birthday: November 29
Height: 1.79 m

Sanemi is aggressive, passionate, stubborn, and impulsive. One of the few people with whom he behaves like a responsible adult is Kagaya Ubuyashiki. His behavior is a direct result of losing too many people in his past, and due to this feeling of abandonment and pain, he holds a strong grudge towards demons.

He has a younger brother named Genya, whom he ignores, insults, and treats badly. His attitude towards his brother is a farce, as he only wishes to protect him from the inevitable fate of the demon hunters.

Sanemi believes that mistreating him will get him out of the way of the demon hunter, but Genya is just as stubborn as he is, so he decides to join the forces anyway.

During her introduction in the anime, she tries to use a quirk found in her blood to force Nezuko to attack him, trying to prove that she is just as dangerous as any demon. However, even with that trap Nezuko does not fall, which makes Ubuyashiki declare her harmless to humans. Sanemi, despite this, does not finish accepting the Kamado brothers as part of the body of hunters.


  • Wind Breathing: Wind Breathing is one of the five main ones, mimicking air and currents. The most commonly used technique with this breath uses forms that use the air around the user to generate gusts of wind similar to tornadoes and whirlwinds, which drastically increase the power of packed sword strikes.
  • Mark of the Demon Hunters: It is another of the pillars that is able to invoke the mark of the demon hunters, which increases his physical abilities and his intellect.
  • Marechi: Sanemi ‘s blood is extremely rare, which greatly attracts demons. Its smell and taste is irresistible to them, so much so that smelling it makes them salivate, and is even capable of disorienting them.
  • Muscle Control: Sanemi has the ability to manipulate his muscles into closing wounds that could cause him to lose too much blood during a fight.

Fun facts

  • He always keeps his shirts open, proud of his muscles.
  • He has a Japanese horned beetle as a pet.
  • His favorite food is ohagi, a Japanese sweet.
  • His Japanese voice actor is Tomokazu Seki, who plays Panda in Jujutsu Kaisen and Gilamesh in the Fate/Stay Night saga and its derivatives.

Gyomei Himejima

12 --Kimetsu No Yaiba --Hashira --Gyomei Himejima

Title: Pillar of the stone
Age: 27 years
Birthday: August 23
Height: 2.20 m

Gyomei has a stocky and imposing appearance, being one of the tallest humans in the series. He is blind from birth, which explains the lack of pupils in his eyes. He is the archetype of the gentle giant, speaking softly and sensitive to others, despite having an intimidating appearance. He is also a great believer, offering prayers for others and constantly carrying his rosaries.

Although he appears reserved, Gyomei has a relatively objective way of looking at others, which can lead to some suspicion. This falls back on his history prior to becoming a Demon Hunter. He is a person who recognizes the potential of young people above all else, which leads him to grant opportunities for the constant improvement of his subordinates and recruits.


  • Stone Breath: Created by Gyomei, this style of breathing mimics rocks and earth, especially their resistance and fortification of that which is solid. The user replicates it in their techniques, moves, and abilities. It uses the ground and its surroundings to generate powerful attacks that specialize in both offense and defense.
  • Superhuman strength, speed, stamina and reflexes: His physical strength is worthy of admiration, being able to move boulders through an entire town. Both Tanjiro and Inosuke consider him to be the strongest demon slayer in the entire corps. He has the ability to repeat actions and movements to maximize his concentration. Despite being tall and corpulent, his speed is also superhuman, as is his stamina and stamina.
  • Tactical Intellect: He is able to deduce situations extremely quickly, even reading his enemies instantly.
  • Mark of the Demon Hunters: It is another of the pillars capable of invoking the mark of the hunter, increasing his physical and mental abilities, as well as his resistance.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Due to his disability, Gyomei has learned to compensate for his lack of eyesight, prioritizing his hearing to develop superhuman hearing ability.

Fun facts

  • Gyomei is the first demon slayer who became a hashira two months after entering the slayer corps. The second is Muichiro Tokito.
  • As a child he had a fever so intense and dangerous that he lost his vision.
  • He plays the shakuhachi , a traditional Japanese flute. It is one of his hobbies.
  • Gyomei is the only pillar who does not use a sword, preferring instead to use axes.
  • He loves cats, just like Mitsuri.
  • He is the mentor of Sanemi’s brother, Genya.
  • His Japanese voice actor, Tomokazu Sugita, also plays Escanor in Nanatsu No Taizai and Gintoki Sakata from the anime Gintama.

Muichiro Tokito

13 --Kimetsu No Yaiba --Hashira --Muichiro Tokito

Title: Pilar la fog
Age: 14 years
Birthday: August 8
Height: 1.60 m

Muichiro has trouble concentrating, he is a very distracted young man who remains undaunted in many situations. It can even become obtuse when it only operates with the intention of thinking about itself, without being carried away by emotions. Despite this, Muichiro takes his job as a hashira very seriously and is very devoted towards his calling.

The young man used to have a completely different personality, much warmer and sweeter, but after the death of his brother, he suffers from memory loss that makes him suppress his anger towards the demons.

Although that anger is contained, it is the will to end them that leads him to give himself to his training. The intensity was such that it generated an indifferent personality.


  • Mist Breathing: This breathing style appears to have been created by Muichiro, but it is unknown if he learned it from any teachers.
  • Mark of the Demon Hunters: It is another of the pillars that is capable of invoking the mark of the hunters, improving their physical and mental abilities. During this state, he is able to access the “transparent world”, a kinetic vision ability.
  • Pervasive Rage: As mentioned above, Muichiro attributes his willingness to fight to an uncontrollable rage he feels towards demons.

Fun facts

  • He is the second demon hunter to become a hashira in less than two months of breaking in. The other is Gyomei.
  • He wears loose clothing to disorient his enemies and prevent them from being able to see his limbs. This causes them to be unable to see Muichiro’s range of motion.
  • His raven is jealous, which is why he feels he shouldn’t have any other pets.
  • His Japanese voice actor is Kengo Kawanishi, who plays Gen Asagiri in Dr. Stone: Stone Wars and Rei Kiriyama in 3-Gatsu No Lion.

Kagaya Ubuyashiki

16 --Kimetsu No Yaiba --Hashira --Kagaya Ubuyashiki

Title: Pillar Master
Age: 23
Birthday: N /A
Height: N /A

Kagaya is the 97th leader of the demon slayer force. He is called oyakata-sama by his subordinates, a name that means “master”. He has a scar from a curse that is slowly destroying his body. Because of this, he is blind.

His personality is quiet and calm, he proves to be a man who cares a lot about the members of the hunter corps, considering them his children. Furthermore, he accepts his mistakes and weaknesses, and admits that he is unable to become a demon hunter despite leading them.

His way of paying for his faults is to learn the names of each of the members of the force, visiting the cemetery specially designated for them daily, before his body gives in to the power of the curse.

Kagaya is so understanding, that he was able to understand Tanjiro and Nezuko’s situation through a letter, pleading their cause even before the pillars, who questioned his judgement.


  • Calming Voice: She has the ability to calm others using the tone of her voice and the rhythm of her actions, demonstrating it to Tanjiro and the pillars in their first meeting.
  • Intuition: The Ubuyashiki family has a high level of instincts that allow them to avoid catastrophic situations, which has given them an incredible amount of money and fortune.

Fun facts

  • Su actor de voz, Toshiyuki Morikawa, interpreta a Seijiro Kikuoka en Sword Art Online: Alicization ya Minato Namikaze en Naruto Shippuuden.

removed abutments

Sakonji Urokodaki

13 --Kimetsu No Yaiba --Hashira --Sakonji Urokodaki

Title: Ancient Water Pillar
Age: Not available
Birthday: Not available
Height: Not available

We meet Urokodaki during the second chapter of the series. The first impression the character gives is of a grumpy older man with a bad temper. However, we soon discover, thanks to his way of training Tanjiro and taking care of Nezuko, that he is a man of incomparable compassion.

He is one of the few humans who truly trusts Nezuko’s will, and is more than certain that the girl will never be able to devour a human. And just as he trusts Nezuko, he is sure Tanjiro will find a way to restore his sister’s humanity.

He has trained hundreds of young students, but his real age is a mystery. What little is known about his past is that he used to be a demon hunter, and that he fulfilled the role of the water hashira . Also, he was the one responsible for capturing the “hand demon” we met during the final selection arc.


  • Advanced Sense of Smell: In Urokodaki’s case, having such a highly developed sense of smell allows him to sense the “interval line”, a very faint pause in the enemy’s movements, which shows him an opening for a counterattack. Also, by smell, you can distinguish between species and where they are located, roughly.
  • Water Breathing: He is the primary instructor of this breathing style, and his disciples include both Tanjiro Kamado and Giyu Tomioka, his successor as Water Pillar.

Fun facts

  • He does not like to drink alcohol, as he has a low tolerance.
  • Tanjiro says that under the mask, his face is extremely gentle. Due to this, Urokodaki decides to constantly remain hidden behind his mask, since the demons used to make fun of his countenance.
  • Giyu states that his teacher’s sense of smell is as good as Tanjiro’s.
  • The voice actor who plays him, Houchuu Otsuka, also plays Jiraiya, from Naruto . He also shares a role in 3-Gatsu No Lion with Jigoro’s voice actor, playing Sakutarou Yanagihara.

Jigoro Kuwajima

14 --Kimetsu No Yaiba --Hashira --Jigoro Kuwajima

Title: Ancient Pillar of Thunder
Age: Over 35
Birthday: Not Available
Height: Not Available

His introduction in the anime happened in chapter 17, and we soon find out that he is the man responsible for training Zenitsu Agatsuma. Jigoro is very devoted to his students, but strict when it comes to training them. Even though he is known as a strong mentor thanks to his past as a pillar, he wants to dedicate all of his efforts for a promising new generation of demon slayers.

In Zenitsu’s case, even though the young man behaved cowardly and used to run away, Jigoro never gave up on his training. Also, thanks to taking the boy in, Zenitsu was able to avoid a future filled with debt. Thanks to his patience and dedication to him, he was able to learn the first form of the Thunder Breathing technique, and Jigoro was overjoyed, even though the progress had not been monumental.


  • Thunder Breath: Jigoro is the main instructor of this breathing technique. It is one of the main ones, and imitates lightning, electricity and thunder. Use fast attacks and movements that resemble lightning. The most commonly used technique is for the user to move with blinding speed, landing blows in rapid succession to overwhelm the enemy.

Fun facts

  • At 35 years old, Jigoro lost his right leg in the middle of a fight. This is the reason why he retired from his position as a pillar.
  • Jigoro’s name as hashira is unusual, as he was not really classed as the pillar of thunder, but the “roaring pillar”. This is due to the ancient script used for the word “thunder”, which used to be referred to as “God’s roar” in Japanese (神鳴, kaminari). Currently, the characters used for the word “thunder” (雷, kaminari ) in Japanese look completely different, and are the ones used today to refer to the thunder breathing style.
  • Jigoro’s voice actor Shigeru Chiba also coincides with Urokodaki in 3-Gatsu No Lion. He plays Someji Kawamoto. Another one of his important roles is in Yu Yu Hakusho , where he voices Kazuma Kuwabara.

Kanae Kocho

15 --Kimetsu No Yaiba --Hashira --Kanae Kocho

Title: Ancient Pillar of Flowers
Age: 21
Birthday: Not available
Height: Not available

She is Shinobu’s older sister. Kanae was a kind young woman with a happy-go-lucky personality, always smiling. One of his dreams was for humanity to live peacefully alongside the demons, and he wished the same for Shinobu’s future.

During a walk with her sister, Kanae comes across a little girl who is tied with a rope to a man’s hand. The girl couldn’t speak, she was dirty and covered in fleas, but Kanae approaches her to convince the man who was carrying her to hand her over. The man demands a payment, Kanae gives it to him, and runs away with the girl and Shinobu.

Once safely home, they officially adopt her, giving her the name Kanao.


  • Flower Breath: A breath derived from Water Breathing, specially developed by Kanae. He imitates flowers and fruits, focusing on their grace and beauty, replicating them in the movements. The techniques applied with this breath use attacks called flowers and fruits that optimize the user’s agility, as well as their flexibility, both body and weapon.

Fun facts

  • Both Kanae’s and Kanao’s names are written in katakana characters, unlike Shinobu’s name, which is written in kanji .
  • Her voice actress is Ai Kayano, who plays Alice Zuberg in Sword Art Online: Alicization.

Shinjuro Rengoku

1 --Kimetsu No Yaiba Pilares --Shinjuro Rengoku

Title: Ancient Pillar of Fire
Age: Not available
Birthday: Not available
Height: Not available

Shinjuro is the father of Kyojuro Rengoku. He previously played the role of the fire hashira , but was eventually succeeded by his son. However, this is not something he likes. For some reason related to his past, the subject of demon hunters and his son’s relationship with the organization infuriates him.

He doesn’t get along with either of his two sons, but Kyojuro liked him and had a lot of respect for him. Shinjuro, however, is violent and abusive towards his children, and even shows signs of abusing alcohol.

He is obsessed with the theory that the sun’s breath is the original breath. This makes him feel a lot of disdain for Tanjiro, who shows little vestiges of having learned it. Thanks to this, Tanjiro begins to investigate his father’s dance, which could have been a derivative of the sun’s breath.


  • Breath of Fire: He has the same techniques as his son, Kyojuro Rengoku.

Fun facts

  • It is not known why, but he hates animals

Pillars: What are they?

1 - Kimetsu No Yaiba - Hashira - The Current Pillars

Hashira , also known as pillars, are the strongest and most dedicated fighters and swordsmen within the demon slayer corps Due to their power, they are the elite warriors of the highest rank within the organization, being a key point in the fight against Muzan Kibutsuji.

Part of their power lies in the grueling training they go through, which takes years to learn. During these workouts, they develop a definitive breathing style that earns them their ranking.

Part of the pillars’ job is to look after a specific region to gather information about the demons that dwell there. This allows them to improve their sword skills on these demons.

It is known that all swordsmen who have learned to master breath of fire and breath of water have become hashira in every age, and there is still no exception.

selection system

Demon Slayer | All about the Pillars / hashira

To be a member of the pillars, you must be one of the strongest and most skilled fighters in the entire corps of hunters.

There are two ways to demonstrate that a candidate is worthy of consideration to enter the pillars:

  • As Kinoe, you must accumulate at least 50 slain demons.
  • Assassinate a member of the Twelve Demon Moons, the 12 most powerful demons (also known as “The Twelve Kizuki”) who serve under the direct command of Muzan Kibutsuji.

However, there is also the possibility of a hashira choosing a successor, called tsukugo . The applicant must submit to the hashira’s scrutiny to be selected, or the prop may choose from the start, as is the case with Kanao Tsuyuri and Shinobu Kocho.

The successor must be a talented and exceptional fighter. The pillar must be in charge of training him so that he learns to use his breathing style to perfection. It is not a requirement that you use the same breathing style as your successor. If the pillar dies or retires, the successor will take his place among his group.

special training

Demon Slayer | All about the Pillars and their stories

There is a special training session known as hashira training. The pillars organize the session, calling for the participation of various members of the low-ranking demon slayer forces. The point is to improve the abilities of the members of the force to have individuals more capable of taking down the demons.

Each pillar is responsible for overseeing a different section of the training program, which consists of different parts:

  • muscle reinforcement
  • sword skills
  • Endurance
  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Preservation of strength and stamina

Many of those who have done this training consider it torture because of its difficulty. Very few members of the forces believe that it is a real opportunity to improve their skills.

It is necessary that all the props are present in the training sessions, even if they are being supervised by another prop. This serves as an opportunity to improve the skills of the recruits as well as the hashira themselves .

general skills

Demon Slayer | All about the Pillars and their stories
  • Demon Hunter’s Mark: Pillars have the ability to display a specific mark when fighting demons. All hashira have been shown to be able to summon this mark, which is said to be capable of enhancing the tactical and physical abilities of its bearer.
  • Full Concentration Breathing Technique: This tactical ability sets pillars apart from ordinary demon hunters. This breathing method is used to generate a concentrated intake of oxygen into the blood, to power your muscles. This gives them more strength and stamina to battle demons without altering their physical form. In addition, it can close wounds and prevent excessive bleeding.
  • Enhanced Physical Abilities: The Pillars’ physique has evolved to a superhuman point after years of training, coupled with the Full Concentration Breathing technique. Their speed is incredible, and all have been shown to be able to move with blinding dexterity, to the point of appearing to teleport. His strength and stamina are also worthy of admiration, being able to fight with the deadliest wounds.
  • Enhanced Mental Abilities: Swordsmen who have undergone hashira training possess above-average mental abilities. They can process information quickly and can think clearly in times of high stress, even during battles with high-ranking demons.

Source: Fandom.

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