Details and cover of Acero de sol y luna vol. 1

Details and cover of Acero de sol y luna vol. 1

Milky Way Editions in his preview of launches facing end of this month of March reveals the cover and details of the edition that the manga will receive Taiyo to tsuki no hagane. The publisher recovers the author of kasaneDaruma Matsuura, with his current work, which will be titled in our country sun moon steel and that it will have a paperback softcover edition with a dust jacket, a format of 13 x 18 cm. and a price of €9.00 each volume. It is also available on the web free preview of the first chapter of the work.

Taiyō to Tsuki no Hagane is the new work of the author of kasanea seinen manga with historical action and supernatural elements that began publishing in June 2020 in the pages of the magazine Big Comic Superior of shogakukanaccumulating to date a total of 5 compilation volumes in the Japanese market.

In the Tenpô era, Kônosuke Ryûdo is a low-level samurai unable to rise above mediocrity. His late parents had only one wish: that he live his life as an honorable samurai. However, Kônosuke has a particular reason that prevents him from fulfilling that wish: his body repels metal and he cannot wield the sword.

the same publisher, Milky Way Editionspreviously published another work by Daruma Matsuura: kasane. The publisher has published the 14 volumes that make up this series in Spanish, the last of which was released in December 2018.

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