Detective Conan prepares a “secret project” for its 30th anniversary, what will it be?

As I have been saying for some time, just because we are in the last two weeks of 2023 does not mean that announcements will stop being made in the anime industry. One of the clearest examples is Detective Conanwhich despite not having been present at an event like Jump Festa, did left us with special news to close the year.

At the moment, fans of Gosho Aoyama’s work are awaiting the events of the manga, the animated adaptation and the 27th film in the franchise, due out in 2024. But what if I told you that there was something else cooking in the oven?

Detective Conan prepares something special for its 30th anniversary

30 years
  • Next January 5th will be fulfilled 30 years since the premiere of the first chapter of Detective Conan
  • To celebrate this special occasion, those responsible for the work announced that they are carrying out a “new secret project” (via Wsstalkback)🚨🚨🚨
  • At the moment we have no clue about what kind of announcement Aoyama-sensei and company will make, although It is very likely that we will clear up doubts on Sunday, January 7 (when the next issue of Shonen Sunday magazine comes out)📅❓
  • What do you think this project could be? Me it occurs to me that It could be a live-action Detective Conansince they are becoming very fashionable and would be “easy” to produce🤔

Synopsis of Detective Conan

Detective Conan is a work that tells the story of Shinichi Kudo, a young detective of enormous talent who, after being involved in a case related to two mysterious men in black, ingests a poison that shrinks his body until it becomes that of a primary school boy. . From that moment on he adopts the name Conan Edogawa and remains under the tutelage of private detective Kogoro Mouri and his daughter Ran. Conan will try to find these men in black again to recover his body, and along the way he will find himself involved in hundreds of cases of murder, kidnapping, and more.

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