Director of Parasites will work on animation with Japanese

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Director Bong Joon-Ho, known for his work with the film Parasiteknown as Parasites in Latin America, announced that he is working on an animation project in Japan. The announcement took place at Crunchyroll’s 2024 Anime Awards ceremony.

This revelation took place before he presented the Best Director award to Shōta Goshozon for the second season of the anime. Jujutsu Kaisen.

Parasites It premiered in May 2019 and has since gained the appreciation of international critics. It was nominated for six Oscars and won four, of which one was for Best Picture.

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The others were Best Director for Joon-Ho, as well as Best Original Screenplay and Best Original Film.

This filmmaker also revealed that he spent a full day before participating in the Anime Awards 2024 drawing storyboards for the project.

Director of Parasites will work on animation with Japanese
Fountain: Youtube.

So this animation that the director of Parasites It is already in production. What is not clear is whether this is the project that Bong Joon-Ho talked about last February.

At that time it came to light that he had been working on the script since 2018 and it would begin production in the second half of 2024.

But he hinted that the job would be in South Korea, not Japan. So it could be another project or there was a change.

Regarding the Korean project, it would have a budget of around $70 million dollars and Sony Pictures was negotiating to acquire distribution rights outside of Korea.

Director of Parasites He did not clarify if this project is the same one he talked about at Crunchyroll’s 2024 Anime Awards.

Director of Parasites will work on animation with Japanese
Fountain: CJ Entertainment.

He has also not revealed which studios or animation studios he is working with. Bong Joon-Ho still needs to share more information about it.

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