Directors of Shin-Chan and Bleach see it as good to use AI because ‘it doesn’t complain, get tired or sleep’

Keiichi Hara and Tomohisa Taguchi find themselves at the center of a striking controversy for not measuring their words exactly

The Artificial intelligence It is a technology that logically can and does have very useful applications, but at the same time it is an instrument that in the wrong hands can cause many problems. Likewise, due to the threat it represents for many creatives, it is always a topic that is involved in controversyalthough that has not prevented two veteran anime directors have been VERY in favor of its use so as not to have to work with ‘some‘entertainers.

Keiichi Hara and Tomohisa Taguchi, without any filter when using AI in anime

It has been the team of AnimeHunch (original from Full Frontal) which has echoed the comments of Keiichi Hara and Tomohisa Taguchi, two anime directors with a lot of experience behind them. These are the main ideas that can be extracted from what they have commented:

  • Basically, both directors agree on the same idea: the use of Artificial Intelligence in the anime industry could be beneficial to replace ‘lazy entertainers’ since they neither complain, sleep nor get tired. 🤯
  • Qualifying the comments somewhat, Keiichi Hara mentioned that his reference to ‘lazy animators’ was directed at those who do not perform the tasks for which they are paid. Hara-san does not hesitate to call these ‘leeches‘, and regrets that the high number of productions that exist today in the anime industry allows these ‘leeches’ to bounce from one production to another given the high demand for personnel. 😡
  • The reason Keiichi Hara is so aggressive about this vision is because With Lonely Castle in the Mirror, the film he most recently directed, he knew of the case of an animator who had done absolutely nothing in an entire year of project. Despite the justifications, the truth is that Hara’s comments (and Taguchi, who mostly claimed to agree with Hara’s opinions) have not sat well with everyone. 😶

If we go in parts, I will say first of all that I understand what both directors mean, but in the same way it seems to me that both the moment and the expressions used are a colossal error. It is clear that in an industry as exploited as anime, if one does not do one’s job it is capable of causing the entire production to fall apart. But in the same way I wouldn’t be surprised if that ‘vaguerío’ came from animators who feel trapped by the pressure that the sector puts on each and every worker. Hara and Taguchi are not the only ones who believe that AI can help a sector like anime, but definitely not in the same way that they have expressed publicly.

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