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Discover everything about the hidden villages of Naruto

Naruto has a very wide world with various villages featured within the story. However, in the manga and anime, only a few are mentioned in great detail. For this reason, in this article we will explain a little more about the twenty villages of Naruto, focusing first on the most famous ones and then on the lesser known ones.

The five great ninja villages

hidden rock village

1 - Iwagakure

Japanese name: Iwagakure
Location: land country
Kage: Tsuchikage
original characters: Deidara

Its characteristic elements are earth, lava and explosive. It is located in a mountainous area. The village has a large military training program, which has declined in peacetime. His techniques mix clay and earth as tools to attack.

hidden leaf village

2 - Konohagakure

Japanese name: Konohagakure
Location: land country
Kage: Hokage
original characters: Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and the largest number of protagonists in the series

It is the village that most of Naruto’s story focuses on. His current Hokage is Naruto Uzumaki. It is a historically relevant village for the formation of the current ninja system. Several original clans were born in Konoha, such as the Senju and the Uchiha. Another of his important political moves was to create the Kage system, distribute the tailed beasts among other villages, create the Anbu and develop medical corps to help the ninja squads.

hidden cloud village


Japanese name: kumogakure
Location: lightning country
Kage: Raikage
original characters: Yugito Nii, Killer Bee

In this village, the special techniques of their ninjas focus on the element of lightning and the kenjutsu. Yugito Nii and Killer Bee are the jinchuriki of the Matatabi and the Gyuki. They have a weapons approach, even in peacetime. It is the only village from which members of the Akatsuki do not originate.

village hidden in the mist

4 - Kirigakure

Japanese name: kirigakure
Location: water country
Kage: mizukage
original characters: Mei Terumi, Haku, Zabuza

It is the smallest of the five large ninja villages and the most isolated, since it is an island. Despite this, they have formidable ninja warriors who formed the group of The Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. These fighters produce their own special swords. It does not maintain diplomatic relations with any other village.

hidden sand village

5 - Sunagakure

Japanese name: sunagakure
Location: country of the wind
Kage: Kazekage
original characters: Gaara, Kankuro, Temari, Sasori

He has his own ninja art originating in the village, puppetry. However, he also focuses on the use of wind, magnetism, and sand. The Kazekage was supplanted by Orochimaru and because of this, the village tried to invade Konoha. The tailed beast of him is the Shukaku.

other villages

Hidden Rain Village

6 - Amegakure

Japanese name: Amegakure
Location: rain country
Kage: Amekage
original characters: Pain, Konan

This small village is highly industrialized. It is surrounded by the great nations of the country of Fire, Wind and Earth, which made it to be in the middle of the warlike conflict between these nations. As its name indicates, it is the victim of a perennial rain. Many ninjas originating from the island wear a mask to breathe underwater. In addition, they carry umbrellas to deal with the rain. One of its great features are some tall towers that are used as cemeteries.

Hidden Village of Hot Springs

7 - Yugakure

Japanese name: Yugakure
Location: country of hot springs
original characters: Hidan

This village was only dedicated to tourism, and decided to get away from the ninja system. The reasons for him are unknown. Hidan, the Akatsuki, is originally from this village.

Hidden Moon Village


Japanese name: getsugakure
Location: moon country
original characters: Ishidate, Kongou, Karenbana

She was only mentioned briefly in the chunin exam. The third Naruto movie focuses on this village, where three ninjas appear who are defeated by Naruto, Rock Lee and Sakura.

Hidden Village of Smoke

8 - Kemurigakure

Japanese name: kemurigakure
Location: fire country

They have a brief mention in chapter 101 of the anime, but their condition is unknown.

Hidden Grass Village

10 - Kusagakure

Japanese name: kusagakure
Location: grass country

Not much is known about her, other than that her ninjas use techniques related to animals and plants.

Hidden Sound Village

11 - Otogakure

Japanese name: otogakure
Location: country of rice fields

In this village, Orochimaru conducted his experiments on young ninjas. They employ techniques based on vibrations and sound, putting the enemy’s vision and balance at risk.

Hidden Cascade Village


Japanese name: takigakure
Location: waterfall country

Not much is known about the village, but it is known that the Chomei beast originated here. It is the only non-big five village with a tailed beast. The village is renowned for producing “hero’s water” every hundred years. It is said that whoever drinks it increases their chakra level ten times, but the exhaustion caused by using it could be fatal.

Hidden Dragonfly Village

18 - Tonbogakure

Japanese name: Tonbogakure
Location: mountain country

This village appears during one of the anime’s filler arcs. It was wiped out by an invasion from another village. There were no survivors.

Hidden Snow Village

13 - Yukigakure

Japanese name: yukigakure
Location: snow country

The ninjas originating from it manipulate ice and snow, but cannot create it. They have also created very useful pieces of technology, such as the Chakra shield.

Hidden Valleys Village

13 - Tanigakure

Japanese name: Tanigakure
Location: river country

Thirty years before the beginning of the Naruto story, this village attacked the Kagero village, which wiped out the population of both places.

Takumi Village

15 - Takumi Village

Japanese name: Takumi
Location: river country

It is a village of inventors and craftsmen that only exists within the anime. Their greatest achievement was importing weapons to other nations, but as the other villages’ skills improved, their weapons became obsolete items.

Hidden Star Village

16 - Hoshigakure

Japanese name: Hoshigakure
Location: bear country
Kage: Hoshikage
original characters: sumaru

Hoshigakure was formed after a meteorite fell two hundred years before the events of the series. Research speculates that it predates Konohagakure by many years. The meteorite that falls on the village has properties that increase the chakra of its inhabitants, so the first Hoshikage developed a training method that channeled the powers of the meteorite. However, this training was extremely dangerous, and corrupted the ninjas who performed it; their organs began to fail and they suffered from internal bleeding. The third Hoshikage banned the training after losing so many ninjas. He was then killed by Akahoshi, an unscrupulous man who again forced shinobi to go through said training. Upon meeting Naruto’s group, Akahoshi ended up dying by implanting the star inside his chest.

Hidden Whirlpool Village

17 - Uzushiogakure

Japanese name: uzushiogakure
Location: Eddy Country
original characters: kushina uzumaki

This village was renowned for its fuinjutsu (the seal technique), which brought them destruction during the war. The inhabitants of it were gradually noticing that they were very long-lived, which is why it was also considered the village of longevity. It is the original village of the Uzumaki clan.

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