Do you know the official One Piece Monopoly? This is the perfect game to give as a Christmas gift

Now that we are at the end of the year, there are millions of Spaniards who are thinking about what to give to their family and friends on Christmas Eve and Epiphany. In the world of manganime there are numerous options to choose from to pleasantly surprise anyone, but today I want to emphasize a One Piece product that I didn’t know existed and that could make a lot of people happy.

He Monopoly It is one of the most popular board games in the entire world and today it has dozens of versions that make crossovers with large IP like The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. Logically One Piece could not be an exception and has its own edition. Did you know her?

This is the official One Piece Monopoly

  • He Official One Piece Monopoly was released a few years ago, when the anime was in the dressrosa bow
  • Its retail price is about 25 euros (depends on the establishment)
  • The game is based on the premise that The Straw Hats sneak into Dressrosa and divide into three teams to accomplish three objectives.: destroy Smile’s factory, escort Caesar Clown and protect the Thousand Sunny 👀👀👀
  • To carry out these tasks you must add Koala and Soldier and gather different Chest and Flag cardswhich can reward you or give you an unpleasant surprise❗❗
  • Players must buy, sell and trade these cards and many more to achieve victory💱

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