Do you want to learn how to draw Goku Ultra Instinct? The Dragon Ball Super artist shows it step by step

If there were those who had doubts about Toyotaro as the artist of “Dragon Ball Super“in its beginnings, it is most likely that by now I have already more than convinced him as Akira Toriyama’s heir. Because nothing else, but what cannot be denied is that the manga of the franchise has a level superb technician. Therefore, If at any time you have wondered how Toyotaro gets to work on his illustrations, today you have the answer to it.

Toyotaro shows in detail his most recent illustration of Goku Ultra Instinct

It was on the occasion of the new launch of a summonable character in Dragon Ball Legends, as well as the 100th chapter of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga, which Toyotaro has created a very special new illustration of Goku Ultra Instinct. I leave you first the illustration in case you haven’t seen it yet:

dragon ball super
This is what Toyotaro’s most recent illustration of Goku Ultra Instinct (Signal version) looks like.

And as has been made public the official “Dragon Ball” account on TwitterI leave you below with the official video that includes the process through which Toyotaro has created this illustration:

Full video of Toyotaro drawing Ultra Instinct Goku

About Dragon Ball Legends

And in case there are those who don’t know what Dragon Ball Legends is aboutI leave you four notes below:

  • Dragon Ball Legends is about a game for smartphones which has been in operation for several years now, and which consists of forming Teams of characters from all Dragon Ball sagas for PvP and PvE confrontations.
  • The confrontations are carried out with teams composed of 3 characters against 3 charactersbeing possible to make an immense variety of combinations that unite the favorite characters of Dragon Ball fans.
  • Yes ok The game is free to download, it has integrated digital purchasesin addition to being a gacha-type video game in which characters are obtained through invocations in which there is only a small percentage of obtaining the desired character.

In case anyone is curious, below I leave you with a small video about what this same Goku Ultra Instinct -Sign- looks like in Dragon Ball Legends:

More about Dragon Ball that may interest you

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