Doflamingo, Corazon and Law come together in a brutal and most emotional figure

I usually talk about anime and manga One Piece, as well as certain curiosities about Eiichiro Oda or theories about what could happen in the future of the series. However, on this occasion I want to put the focus on one collectible figure that I came across on social networks and which I think every fan of the work deserves to know.

One Piece is characterized by presenting a large number of emotional scenes that have made us shed more than one tear in front of the television, and one of the most special of all is the death of Heart. Doflamingo’s brother established a beautiful relationship with Trafalgar Law, and this figure It represents suffering and goodness wonderfully. of the character.

One of the most emotional figures in One Piece

  • The company Who Studio introduced a new One Piece “triple” resin which is starring Donquixote Rosinante (Heart), Donquixote Doflamingo and Trafalgar D. Law 👥👥👥
  • In it we see Corazon smiling while cutting the strings with which a cruel Doflamingo is manipulating a tormented Law; all very symbolic🥰🥰
  • The figure is based on fan art of a user that we have not been able to identify (if we locate him we will indicate his name)❓
  • The size of this product is 36x50cm and is now available in stores✅✅
  • Its price is 319.97 euros in the virtual store orzGK 💸💸💸

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