Dragon Ball Daima already has its first figure; get the new kid Goku!

Dragon Ball Daima” is what awaits us next in the “Dragon Ball” anime universe, and the situation is between ‘high expectations‘ and ‘disappointment at not continuing with “Dragon Ball Super”‘. In a work that has transcended as much as Akira Toriyama’s “Dragon Ball” the truth is that it is difficult to keep everyone happy, but what we can agree on is that “Dragon Ball Daima” has called the attention of many. So it is so, that A first figure has already been made public through which to give life to the new child Goku.

The new design of child Goku for Dragon Ball Daima is already immortalized as a figure

It was the store @MajinStore the one that has published the offer for this first “Dragon Ball Daima” figure, and before leaving you with the details about it, I share with you an image of what the piece will look like:

dragon ball daima
This is the first figure of Goku that we will see in Dragon Ball Daima

And now yes, write down all the details that have been revealed about it:

  • To begin, I will tell you that the dimensions of the piece are 22 centimeters high and 14 centimeters both wide and deep. Come on, it is quite symmetrical as far as possible. 🤗
  • On the other hand, I consider the price affordable considering the quality seen in the figure: 99 euros for full payment and 30 euros to immediately reserve a unit (To do so it is as simple as contacting MajinStore on their Instagram). In addition, anyone who wishes can make payment in installments. 🤑
  • Another detail to take into account is that This Goku Daima figure will begin to be distributed between the second and third quarters of 2024, without a specific date or month at this point. Also, keep in mind that MajinStore ships throughout the peninsula. 😁

It is clear that this will not be the last figure we see in the future of “Dragon Ball Daima”, since Surely taking advantage of the phenomenon of new anime from Shueisha they are already pulling strings to create official pieces of all kinds. In any case, as the first unofficial figure I think this Goku Daima looks really cool. So now you know, if you want to see the new “Dragon Ball” anime being perfectly prepared for the occasion, this figure is a great opportunity to do so.

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