Dragon Ball receives official boxing gloves that are as spectacular… as they are expensive

dragon ball“It is one of the most legendary action works of all time, and as such what has always attracted the most attention has been its combats and, of course, all those crazy transformations that have left us over the years But simply getting back to the action, a crossover special that has left us with some of the most spectacular “Dragon Ball” brand boxing gloves.

Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and Frieza receive their own official boxing gloves

Before leaving you with all the details about this curious line of products, allow me to share the promotional images dedicated to each of the glove models:

And now, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about these new products from Goku and company:

  • To begin with, the gloves are part of a promotion with the brand. Elionforks on your website where they can be found the different models of gloves Dragon Ball boxing. 😉
  • Each of these gloves has exactly the same price: 249.00 euros. Do they seem expensive? Normal, because they are. At least by looking in specialized boxing equipment stores I have been able to see that they have a price approximately 3 times the usual for standard boxing gloves. 🤑
  • It must be said that in the same Elion store they have other models from a previous collaboration that are somewhat more affordable, around 150 euros. Obviously they are still expensive, but if you want to practice boxing yes or yes with the support of the strength of Dragon Ball, as far as possible it is the most ‘economical’ you will surely find. 🤔

Although it may seem like an expensive product, it is possible that with the upcoming 2024 “Dragon Ball” these gloves will end up flying. Why do I say that? Well, because this coming year we have so much the premiere of the “Dragon Ball Daima” anime, as the beginning of the new arc of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga and, finally, as the culmination of the launch of the new Budokai Tenkaichi. Come on, among so much Akria Toriyama’s work, I’m sure that more than one person will get over the hype and end up signing up for boxing just to put these beautiful official gloves to the test.

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