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This is how fans reacted to Gohan’s new form in dragon ball super super hero New movie.

With the long-awaited arrival of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie in theaters in Japan, it was only a matter of time before the first wave of spoilers hit social media. Many such posts are simply temporary as the fans who share them don’t want to fall victim to a claim by the distribution companies, but fortunately many can be salvaged before they go down.

Dragon Ball Super new movie

In this film, a new transformation for Son Gohan has emerged, provisionally known as “Final Gohan”. The transformation is incredibly well designed, and seems more nuanced than just a Super Saiyan or Ultimate Gohan version. It looks like from now on, this Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero exclusive form will elevate Gohan’s power and relevance to levels not seen since the Tournament of Cell Saga.

According to a reputable Dragon Ball news source and Twitter user @DBSChronicles , the form comes to life ” when nothing works against the Ultimate Monster .” This lack of success apparently causes Son Gohan to go into a fit of rage, where he activates the “Final Gohan” transformation as a last resort. In this transformation, Son Gohan acquires white hair, red eyes, and the Super Saiyan hair form. Doesn’t this transformation look familiar to you? If your answer is that you think you saw it in a meme, you are correct!It is inevitable to compare this new transformation with the “White Gohan” meme, a fan-project that eventually became popular alongside “The Brother”, “Black Jiren”, among other “meme-transformations”.

Below is an edit of one of Son Gohan’s frames to fit the description of the new transformation. We use this to not include in this note photos taken inside theaters, which you can find at the source of this article or by doing a simple search on Twitter or even YouTube ].

dragon ball super new movie

Fans are having an absolutely electric reaction to the transformation, with just about every Twitter user sharing their excitement. While many are incredulous that a fan-created transformation has been introduced into canon, most are overjoyed at the reveal. More importantly, though, the new transformation brings a lot of potential to Son Gohan’s role in the Dragon Ball franchise. For many, he was his favorite character throughout the Dragon Ball Z Cell Tournament Saga . However, those fans were disappointed by his decline from that point on. It seems that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has finally brought back the Son Gohan of yesteryear.

By the way, do you remember why Son Gohan unlocked this transformation? The leak indicates that it is the last resort against the “ultimate monster”, which is not the androids that we have seen in all the promotional materials. That threat is provisionally called “Ultimate Evil”, and is a recreation of Cell by the Red Patrol. The latter is important to note, as this is not about Cell itself. So if you read somewhere that Cell would be the final enemy of the movie, you were half right.

Source: @DBSChronicles on Twitter

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