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The new movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

The new movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has been released in Japan, and we have finally been able to see what Cell MAX looks like in the images that have been leaked.

Cell MAX is the ultimate enemy in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero . The possibility of seeing Cell in this movie has been rumored for eons, and we have it, but it is a completely different one. He looks pretty much the same as Cell when he absorbs Android 17, but a few things change.

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The first thing is the color. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and Cell MAX spoilers make us see that his color is all red. It presents some green and black parts with their spots, but the predominant color is red. Unlike Perfect Cell, Cell Max does not speak at all. He is an uncontrolled monster that the only thing he does is shout like Broly and attack Son Gohan and Piccolo. And beware because these two also have new transformations.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
This new version of Cell will fight against Piccolo, Son Gohan and Gotenks. The first two will have their own transformation in the film.

With the premiere of the film, the many rumors about the final enemy end. There were quite a few names that have come out during these months. What if Android 21, a version of Raditz… In the end we have had a new Cell that makes things very difficult for Son Gohan and Piccolo. By the way, Son Goku and Vegeta don’t engage in combat in this movie at all.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has been released today June 11 in theaters in Japan. There is still no release date for Spain, but they assure that it will arrive in the summer. The United States has a release date of August 19, so we could get more or less an idea of ​​when it could be released here.

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