ECC Ediciones licenses the Hinatsugimura manga

ECC Ediciones licenses the Hinatsugimura manga

ECC Editions In its news release for the month of May, the publisher advances that for the following month it will publish a new licensed sleeve not announced yet. Is about hinatsugimuraa horror josei by Aki Shimizu that will arrive in our country with the provisional title of Hinatsugi, the village of dolls. Soon the editorial will offer more details about this future publication.

Aki Shimizumangaka and magazine illustrator, signs this story of horror and supernatural elements titled hinatsugimurawhich was published in 2018 in the magazine Nemuki + from the publisher Asahi Shimbunsha. The work was collected in a single volume after its completion.

There are two fates of humans who were lost in the mountain village. Will you become a resident of the village or will you live as part of the village residents? In any case, I will never return to the outside world. Shiki Aki’s Sensual Emotional Horror, A Long-Awaited Book!

Fountain: ECC Editions

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