Editorial Ivrea announces the license of PPPPPP

Editorial Ivrea announces the license of PPPPPP

Editorial Ivrea in its second announcement of new licenses prior to Christmas, it reveals the license for Spain of the manga PPPPPP. This shonen of popcorn 3 will come to early 2023 to our country in a paperback edition with a dust jacket in tankoubon format and with a bimonthly.

PPPPPP It is the first series published popcorn 3after winning the prize Shueisha’s Jump Shinsekai Mangasho in 2020. It is a story that is serialized in the pages of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump from Shueisha since September 2021 and which remains today open with five volumes compilations.

There was once a prodigious pianist named Gakuon Otogami, whose name has been etched in the pantheon of the greatest in history. Years passed and Gakuon had seven children who love to play the piano like him, but not all of them inherited his skills. Lacky, the most mediocre of the seven, will give everything to defeat his destiny. His mother has a short time to live, but she encourages him to show that someone without talent can also be a good musician, so she promises him that he will succeed as a pianist.

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