Eiichiro Oda reveals new details about One Piece live action and its premiere

Discover the new information revealed by Eiichiro Oda himself about the live action of One Piece.

Several months ago it was announced that the franchise created by Eiichiro Oda and one of the most important in the world of anime, One Piece, was going to receive a live action adaptation by Netflix. During this time, some information about the project has been revealed, although not much if we take into account that its premiere is scheduled for this year.

Now, the legendary creator of the saga has revealed a fairly extensive message in which he explains the current state of production, talks about the reasons that led him to get involved in it and the problems they have gone through to get to the point up to the point. what are they now Next, we tell you all the new details about the One Piece live action that Eiichiro Oda has just confirmed.

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Everything Eiichiro Oda Has Said About One Piece Live Action

All this information has been shared through social networks and it is a small text written by Eiichiro Oda himself in which he advances new details about the live action of One Piece. First, we are going to talk about the most important details of it, and then we show you the message in question.

In the first place, the mangaka assures that the project did not start in the best possible way, since despite the fact that they had a common goal and that the companies Tomorrow Studios and Netflix perfectly understood the characters of the work, both parties They did not agree on many points. This has been attributed to a cultural problem, stating that they have very different codes, objectives and training.

We’re all trying to get to the same place, so how come we’re not even on the same wavelength?

There came a time when I even wondered: Is a foreign production even possible?

Eiichiro Oda on the frustration he felt when starting work on the One Piece live action

He has admitted that this may seem out of place, but he has assured that everyone has been working very hard all this time. Now, according to her, each and every one of the parties involved in the project are working in perfect synchrony.

Considering my lifespan, I think this is the last chance I have to bring One Piece to the whole world. If we’re going to do it, than being able to oversee everything while I’m still active. This is why I agreed to do the live action adaptation of One Piece back in 2016.

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After this, Eiichiro Oda talked about what probably interests most One Piece fans about live action, and that is its release date. Unfortunately, in this sense, Oda has not offered very encouraging news, and it seems that we will have to wait much longer than we thought for the launch of the series.

Since then [2016], Netflix has dedicated an enormous amount of resources to the production. It was announced that the series would be released in 2023, but they promised me that we would not release it until I was satisfied.

What can we make clear from these words? Basically, and taking into account that so far not a single trailer has been released, just a handful of images, surely what happens is that what has been done so far is quite mediocre, to say the least. Given this, it is likely that they have begun to make important reshoots and a few other changes to the 8-episode series.

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Full original message by Eiichiro Oda

And you, dear reader, when do you think we will finally see the One Piece live action based on what Eiichiro Oda said? Do you have hopes that it will be better than the other live action anime so far? Tell us your opinion through social networkswhere we remind you that you can follow us in order to know the latest news related to anime, science fiction and fantasy.

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