Elden Ring – Become Lord: The new ‘manga’ that will continue expanding the FromSoftware universe

It has been confirmed that Elden Ring – Become Lord will be published in webtoon format and will launch next month

Elden Ring“has become one of the most successful IPs in video games thanks to a sensational launch, and what seemed like the culmination of many years of development by FromSoftware. This release from the Japanese studio grew to such a point that not only has a long-term development cycle been followed with the announced expansion of Shadow of the Erdtreebut has also taken the license to create written content. The next? What is known as “Elden Ring – Become Lord”.

Elden Ring – Become Lord will be published as a webtoon to expand the video game brand

Below I will explain everything that has been revealed about “Elden Ring – Become Lord“, but before that I leave you with the first promotional image we have of this new work:

elden ring - become lord
Elden Ring – Become Lord, the manga/webtoon that will explore another vision of the video game

And now, I tell you everything you need to take into account about this new proposal based on the FromSoftware video game (via MangaMogura):

  • To begin with, it has been confirmed that the publication of Elden Ring – Become Lord will start on March 29, 2024. 😍
  • Likewise, it must be specified that Elden Ring – Become Lord will be a webtoon. What is the difference with a traditional manga? Well, in this case the webtoons They are published only in digital format and using vertical vignettes.. Furthermore, if this did not change enough with respect to traditional manga, it should also be noted that the majority of works are in full color, as is in fact the case with Elden Ring – Become Lord. 😮
  • Elden Ring – Become Lord will be a work that will be by the artist Hand Punch, and will be possible to read through Kadokomi Web (platform of which I have not been able to find references unfortunately). 🤔
  • Unlike the previous Elden Ring manga, known in Spain as Elden Ring: The Path of the Golden Tree and published by Norma EditorialElden Ring – Become Lord will discuss a much more serious story with the intention of presenting a protagonist who really intends to become Lord. 😙

Is there any knowledge that there will eventually be a traditional version of “Elden Ring – Become Lord” as a manga? Well, no idea, but of course Other formats such as manhwa or even eventually an anime should not be ruled out, seeing how much these types of works are being released in recent times. Likewise, it does not seem like a coincidence now that FromSoftware recently purchased the license for “Elden Ring”, as it could well be that this webtoon was just the first of many projects they have in mind to continue expanding the “Elden Ring” universe.

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