episode 1088 of the anime will be directed by the director of Gear 5

When I say that 2023 was a very special year for One Piece I say this for many different reasons. The manga left us with fantastic moments, the Netflix live-action turned out to be a success and the anime left us speechless with the animation of the Gear 5. Now that the Wano arc has come to an end, will Toei Animation put on the brakes and lower the quality of its animation for Egghead?

Well, the truth is that it doesn’t look good, since the studio will continue to have great directors to adapt the next chapters of the manga. And be careful because One Piece 1088 could be more special than we thought.

One Piece Episode 1088 by the Gear 5 Director

  • As reported by the content creator newworldarturhe episode 1088 from the One Piece anime will have an exceptional director
  • The person in charge of directing this chapter will be Tatsuya Nagaminethe co-director of One Piece who was main person responsible for the Gear 5 reveal episode from Luffy ✅
  • This person will have the task of adapt chapter 1060 from the manga, the one in which Luffy reveals his true dream❗❗❗
  • In theory it should also show another great moment starring one of the most mysterious characters in the work (which I won’t say out of respect for those who only follow the anime), but it seems that this will finally be included in 1089❓
  • It is not known if this choice for the direction of the episode will influence the quality of the animation, but in any case it shows that Toei wants to make sure that it is a very good episode on all levels👍🏻
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