Episode 6 of the anime shows why it is already one of the animes of the year

Solo Leveling“It arrived at the winter quarter of 2024 with an important role: to meet all the expectations that had been placed on the adaptation of what is easily the most successful manhwa of all, and to do so also having to give the green light to a new year of anime The truth is that we still have a good handful of broadcast weeks ahead of us, but At this point I think that “Solo Leveling” has already managed to consolidate its position as one of the anime of the year.

Solo Leveling episode 6 is the first big ‘BOOM’ of everything that had been building

Even though it is an anime in which in the end what people are most interested in is seeing how Sung Jin-Woo becomes strong and begins to distribute chestnuts like crazy, the truth is that “Solo Leveling” had followed a slightly different tempo to what is usual.

  • The principle of Solo Leveling is given with a character that absolutely everyone makes fun of, and his first great feat is far from a great victory. 😅
  • It’s so really Sung Jin-Woo’s first big moment comes by avoiding his death at the last second. And not so much for his own merit but for managing to awaken the interest of some kind of strange system that gives him a second chance in life. 🤔
  • We continue forward and there begins the path of improvement of the protagonist, with constant training and finally being able to plant the weakest enemies of all, sad goblins that most people can always deal with from the beginning. 😋
only leveling
Sung Jin-Woo finally awakens along with his own abilities
  • Throughout this period, most anime have already left a great moment of impact for the protagonist. To say: this is the true power of it, stay and see what else there is. But Solo Leveling is in no rush, and that’s why episode 6 has been truly special. 🤗
  • While we had already seen Sung Jin-Woo fight like never before against the boss of the previous special dungeon he unlocked, the real key moment comes with the elimination of the 6 mercenaries who set a trap for him. 😙
  • Because until then it was It was Sung Jin-Woo’s body that had risen to the new circumstances, but not his psyche.. It was at that moment that Sung Jin-Woo remembered again how a handful of hunters already betrayed him in the terrible first dungeon of the anime. It was there that he understood that the title of dungeon hunter and explorer comes with the context of always facing life or death situations. It is at that moment that the hunter Sung Jin-Woo is truly born. 🤯

Obviously it must also be said that A-1 Pictures did a great job to make this episode 6 of “Solo Leveling” potentially the best of the anime to date along with the opening episode. Likewise, it seems safe to assume that at this point we won’t be seeing much of Sung Jin-Woo going through ‘low-level’ dungeons, or at least not suffering or needing to go into epic mode. This is when Sung Jin-Woo’s path as a hunter really begins after his second awakening.

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