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Evangelion: Asuka fans are hopeful about a possible announcement

Being already March 8 in Japan, the Blu-ray / DVD version of the film is finally available Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time in said lands. However, the fans came across some very particular material, since the package includes a rather curious brochure that informs about “an emergency meeting on March 8, 2023, at 9:00 p.m.“.

If we consider that it refers to Japan Time, then the date corresponds to March 8, 2023 at 06:00 a.m. (Mexico City Time). In fact, it not only announces a staff meeting, but includes the words “詳細発表予定“, which translates as”Details to be announced“. Then, the rest of the sheet lists a timeline for the meeting, from reviewing previous accomplishments, an internal staff appraisal, an external staff appraisal, and a summary of the project by the director. Hideaki Anno.


No one has the slightest idea what this information is about, but Japanese fans are already making their guesses with many claiming that “there is still something to be announced for Neon Genesis Evangelion“. In fact, this Blu-ray/DVD not only includes the movie, but also adds additional content titled “Evangelion: 3.0 (-46h)“, which narrates the events leading up to Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo.

Of course, fans are already leaving a variety of comments on the forums, hinting that this could represent a new hope for fans of asuka langley:

  • «I think it is a meeting to review the general results».
  • «It would be fun if they end up announcing more things, but about the Kamen Rider that Hideaki Anno is doing».
  • «Oh yeah, we’ll finally have more Asuka content, I’m sure».
  • «I knew that Neon Genesis Evangelion could not end. The Rebuild of Evangelion project was actually a failure. I wouldn’t be surprised if the real ultimate project is just getting started.».
  • «I would like a new director to take the reins of Neon Genesis Evangelion».
  • «I would support making the Neon Genesis Evangelion Vs. Godzilla project come true».
  • «Make another Evangelion. Why Mobile Suit Gundam can, but you can’t?».
  • «Evangelion executives may have already run out of ideas to make the franchise relevant again».
  • «If they’re going to produce a story for Asuka, I want it to be the original. I think the Rebuild of Evangelion had a completely closed ending».
  • «The Evangelion movie package has already arrived. The bonus material is a prequel with a lot of bonus material. You should read it, especially if you like Asuka. Also, the Asuka and Mari manga that they gave to those who went to the movies has now been animated in full color and voices.».
  • «Please let this franchise end in peace.».

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