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Live-action and “naruto” in the same sentence? Indeed, because this is not speculation, rumor or anything similar: Masashi Kishimoto’s work has been officially announced for YEARS. So how come it’s barely talked about or that no one has seen anything about this project yet? The truth is that since it was confirmed it cannot be said that things have gone as planned. So I’m going to review right now. everything that is known and also what is not known about live-action.

When was the live-action Naruto originally announced? When it premieres?

The live-action movie of “Naruto” It was originally announced in 2015, specifically in the month of July. Since then there has been hardly any news about the project, and at this point It is completely unknown when the release of the feature film is supposed to occur.

Almost 10 years since the live-action Naruto project was announced

Who is behind the live-action Naruto?

The live-action “Naruto” movie was announced by Lionsgateconfirming the company that the development of the project as such would be carried out by Arad Productionsthe company in the hands of Avi Arad. The latter has served as producer and executive producer on dozens of superhero and science fiction films, such as the most recent “Spider-Man” trilogy or the “Blade” trilogy.

At the end of 2016 it was Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of “Naruto,” who reported that he had been approached to help co-develop the live-action film. Although the extent of his involvement is unknown, it appears that he would be quite involved in the entire process.

Masashi Kishimoto is part of those responsible for the live-action of the franchise

Who directs the film? Who writes the script?

Michael Gracey He is the well-known director of the live-action “Naruto.” Gracey had enormous success especially directing the film “The Greatest Showman“, and at the time he assured that there was nothing more important for him when working on the live-action “Naruto” than making sure that Kishimoto-sensei was going to be part of the project.

As for the script for the live-action “Naruto” movie, it is written by Tasha Huo. The screenwriter has already had multiple participations in adaptation projects between multimedia products, and her presence in “Red Sonja”, “The Mighty Nein” or the animated series “Tomb Raider”.

the great showman
The director of The Greatest Showman is directing the live-action of Naruto

To what extent will you adapt the live-action film compared to the manga/anime? Who are the actors?

The truth is that All information regarding the length of the film, its protagonists and the fragment of history that will be adapted from the original work of “Masashi Kishimoto” is completely unknown.. Taking into account that since the announcement in 2015 there had not been a convincing script until supposedly just a few months ago, it can be assumed that there is still a lot of work ahead until the live-action of “Naruto” is a project that really stand on its own.

Tom Holland
I’m sorry, but it made me laugh to imagine Tom Holland from Naruto

And this is all that is known about the live-action “Naruto.” As you can see, everything is really up in the air, and unlike the live-action “One Piece” this one still has a long way to go to take shape. Will this adaptation also be a success after what was seen with The Straw Hat Pirates? Well, perhaps, it is clear that the presence of Masashi Kishimoto will add positively. In any case, you have to be very patient with this adaptation.

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