Facts about Ken Ryuguji (Draken) Tokyo Revengers.

Draken is the right hand of Manjiro Sano and his childhood friend, he is considered the second most important character in Tokyo Revengers, he was saved by Takemichi from certain death by being stabbed in the stomach, keep reading the article to know more about Draken .

How old and tall is Ken Ryuguji (Draken)?

Facts about draken

Ken Ryuguji, “Draken”, as he is known by most or “Kenchin” as Mikey calls him, is together with Takemichi the main trio in the anime Tokyo Revengers.

Draken the second most important character of tokyo revengers born in 1990 is 27 years old in the present, but when takemichi returns to the past exactly in 2005 Draken is still a 15 year old teenager.

How much does Ken Ryuguji (Draken) weigh?

Facts about draken

Draken is a muscular teenager who is exceptionally tall for his age. his height is 1.85 cm about 6.1 his head is shaved on the sides and back to expose his characteristic dragon tattoo on his left temple. His blond hair is long on top of his head and kept in a neat braid. He leaves a few stray strands of hair at the front. Source: Fandom.

Facts about Manjiro Sano Tokyo Revengers

Ken Ryuguji (Draken) tattoos meaning. (Spoiler).

Facts about draken

Spoiler (( Mitsuya ran away from home and drew it on a wall, draken sat behind him without mitsuya noticing and watched, once it was finished they got to talking, draken shared some of his food since mitsuya hasnt eaten all day and mitsuya ate it all up since he was hungry. draken said he’ll take the painting as a payment, the next time they met they had the same tattoo and shortly after they were known as the twin dragons. Source Reddit .))

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Facts about Manjiro Sano Tokyo Revengers

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