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Facts about Manjiro Sano Tokyo Revengers

Mikey is the leader, founder and commander of the Toman and the most respected and feared person both by his opponents and by all the people around him, as well as being the strongest and most complete fighter in Tokyo Revengers.

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How old and tall is Manjiro Sano?

Manjiro Sano

The character’s official date of birth is August 20, 1990 according to the Tokyo Revengers fandom wiki, which would make Mikey turning 31, an astonishing age if we note that throughout the entire history of Tokyo Revengers this one seems to be much younger than we could imagine, so it would be curious to see him reach this age one day in the anime. These data if we talk about today’s date in real life, but in the anime they are not in 2022 but in 2005, so Mikey is 15 years old in the past 2005 and when Takemichi returns to the present Mikey is 27 Years old .

Real Life : 31 years old.

Past: 17 Years old.

Present :Mikey is 27 Years old .

The meaning of Manjiro Sano name

Manjiro Sano tokyo revengers

The name Manjiro means:

ten thousand” (man),

next” (ji),

son” (ro).

Manjiro’s last name, Sano, means

help” (sa)

field, desert” (no).

Manjiro’s nickname, “Mikey” means “Who is like God” / “Who is like Lord?”. Mikey is short for the name Michael.

How much does Manjiro Sano weigh?

which tokyo revenger character are you

Name: Manjiro Sano, Mikey or “Invincible Mikey”.

Birth: 8/20/1990

Leo : sign

Age: 27 (Current); 15 (Past)

Height: 1.62m

weight: 56kg

He really is a joking and carefree young man who loves having fun with his friends, especially Draken and his trusted royal circle.

But his concern, although he tries to hide it, is Tokyo Manji and her components.

For him, everyone is his responsibility and he feels the main support of the Toman and his main value.

How old was Mikey when he met Draken?

Tokyo revengers manjiro

They met when they were 12 years old after Sano defeated a delinquent much bigger than him, since then they became very close. He nicknamed him “Ken-Chin“, and although Draken doesn’t really like that nickname, he was able to get used to it after all.

Source: Fandom.

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